Chapter 1: Lord Asriel

Indirect and direct characterisation

Indirect characterisation- a use of words that show a personality trait indirectly. E.g the mirror showed her pale face.

Direct characterisation- a use of words that very clearly describes the character's traits. E.g she had blonde hair and brown eyes.

Lord Asriel

Direct characterisation- ' Lord Asriel was a tall man...'

Indirect characterisation- ' and marvelled at the contrast he made with the plump butler, the stooped and languid scholars.'

Direct characterisation- ' a fierce dark face'.

Indirect characterisation- ' it was a face to be dominated by, or to fight: never a face to patronise or pity.'

Lord Asriel

In chapter one of Northern Lights we are presented with quite a clear view of Lord Asriel. He is set up to be quite a stern, powerful character who plays a large role in the story. He seems very wise. He definitely seems to dominate over many of the other characters.
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