Encore Teacher Newsletter

November, 2020

Dear Churchland Primary and Intermediate Families,

We are sending this newsletter out to make sure we are building strong relationships with parents/guardians as well as students. We want to partner with you and keep you in the know of our expectations for our scholars. We have included messages from each of our Encore Teachers to you. We understand this is an unusual school year but with cooperation from student families, we know we can get through this!


Encore Team


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A message from Ms. Gray!

Art is like PE for the Brain!

In art, we stretch our critical thinking muscles so it's not so much about the "product" but about the "process".

So far this year we have covered being unique and creative; the importance of shapes for Kindergarten and the role lines and pattern play in the arts for all other grades; the cool abstract artist named Piet Mondrian; empathy, kindness and the importance of our own superpowers; and, how to brainstorm.

In order to earn their grade for art on report cards, students must participate. If a student is absent or has flipped Wednesday classes, they should check the art folder and send me something via Schoology message, Class Dojo or Email with their response or solution to our art discussion.

Students are also welcome to share their personal creativity as well.

All classes and asynchronous learners will watch a video to understand our big idea and then CREATE! I may be reached via Schoology and Dojo messaging and at beverly.gray@portsk12.com with any questions or to submit independently completed artwork.

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A message from Mrs. Ntiamoah!

Hello, Churchland Primary and Intermediate Families!

The beginning of virtual school has been an experience! For the most part it has been successful in that most of the students participate.

As a school counselor, my primary responsibility is to promote the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. Each month students will learn about one character trait, such as: respect, responsibility, bullying, empathy etc.

However, there have been some challenges and it is important that the students follow virtual classroom guidelines, such as:

Students need to keep their cameras on throughout the lesson.

Please minimize distractions at home. It is very hard for students to concentrate when there is TV on, devices are within reach, etc.

Participation is mandatory. Many of the students in the upper grades do not show up for encore class.

I can be reached through Classdojo and by email ama.ntiamoah@portsk12.com.

Thank you so much,

Mrs. Ntiamoah

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A Message from Mrs. Lackner!

Hello, everyone!

I am your School Librarian and Media Specialist and I'm so glad to be back teaching all of you!

This year we will be reading lots of books, learning about the library and how it works, learning library skills, and fostering a love and appreciation of reading.

As Encore teachers, we teach over 600 students a week so it's imperative that we be able to see your child's face and name during our Zoom sessions as much as possible.

While your child may not receive grades from me, they learn important skills in the Library which will enable them to succeed in school as they go graduate to higher grade levels.

Any misbehavior during our Zoom sessions will be addressed and reported. If students are observed as not displaying proper behavior during our Zoom sessions cameras and mics will be turned off, as deemed appropriate.

We have 20 minute sessions with the students and it goes by fast but we will try our hardest to talk (call on) every student, when possible!

Each week, students should check their library folders to see what assignments are waiting for them.

While this may be a challenging time, our team's goal is to continue to teach the skills your children may need to succeed but we cannot do it without your help!

I can be reached through Classdojo and email: maria.lackner@portsk12.com

Thank you so much for your support!


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A Message from Miss Daniels!

Hello, Music stars and parents!

I am so excited for virtual school year this year! The Portsmouth Public Schools music department has collaborated to create videos to make learning music virtually easier for our students. Some items to keep in mind:

  • Please encourage your scholar to not eat or drink during music as this poses a choking hazard.

  • Music is performance-based and participation is the majority of the music grade. Please encourage your scholar to participate along with the video during their music encore

I can be contacted through Classdojo and by email: jerrica.daniels@portsk12.com.

I look forward to working with all of my students this year!

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Health and Physical Education

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A Message from Mrs. Randolph!

Hello to all of our wonderful CPIS families and Superstars! My name is Mrs. Kristal Randolph and I am so excited to be your scholar’s Health/PE Teacher. I am also the Department Chair of the Awesome Encore Team!

Here are some Encore expectations to ensure a successful virtual learning experience for everyone.

  • All students are to attend Encore classes.

  • Students are required to have their First and Last Name displayed on the Zoom screen for attendance and safety measures.

  • Students are required to participate in class and complete assignments. We grade based on participation and assessments.

  • Due to safety issues, students are strongly encouraged to show their faces on Zoom. Some students will be removed if they are not in compliance. If there is an issue with this particular matter, please email or message me through Schoology.

My email is Kristal.Randolph@portsk12.com

I look forward to working together with you and our


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Grading Scales

General Encore:

In order to receive an S in Encore the following criteria must be met:

Participation-attending zoom classes.

Completing all assignments and activities.

Please contact the Encore Teachers if there is a special circumstance where the student has to miss a class or cannot complete work in a timely manner.

Additional grading requirements are needed for Art and Music:


Student participation is mandatory and will be reflected by grades earned. Art grades can be viewed at any time in Schoology.
Earning an S in Art:
1. In class, students hold up their work for me to take a photo record of participation.
2. Anyone who is unable to join virtually may send artwork via the contact methods above.
3. Class participation = 100 points per class/assignment.
4. Zeroes are assigned for all missing participation but artwork can be made up for full credit and must be submitted prior to all progress and report card dates.

5. 11/10 is the current due date for any missing artwork in order to reflect participation on the upcoming report card.


Present during class: 60 points

Not doing other work/not eating during class: 20 points

Following the 4 R's: 20 points

Unexcused absence, work completed: 50 points

Excused absence, work completed: 100 points