Career Spotlight


What is a Chemist?

     A chemist is a person who searches for new uses and knowledge of chemicals. Chemist do things like develop synthetic fibers for bulletproof vests or make hair gel stronger. Some dairy scientist even search for ways to improve the taste and texture of ice cream. To do this job you need to be curious, perserverant, and you need to be able to focus and work independantly. There are certain companies that will hire chemist such as Dow Chemical, Bio-Rad Laboritories, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

How can I be a chemist?


     To be a chemist you need to have a Bachelors degree in chemistry or a related discipline. A chemist usually earns about about $69,760 per year. The projected job groth is only 3% to 6% which makes them higher in demand. Being a chemist requires and understanding of chemicals and science along with patience.