Shimmery Silver

Thalia Rose

Thalia Rose

Thalia Rose was the girl in school that everyone either loved or hated. She has this personality of "don't get on my bad side." You could say she was the mean girl. She had low tolerance for nonsense from other people.

One day, on a really hot summer day in Mexico, she was wearing silver bangles and the sun was so hot that the silver MELTED and infused into her skin. She now has the ability to have silver blades come from her hands. (like Wolverine) Except, unlike Wolverine, she doesn't use the blades to help others or kill bad guys. She IS the bad guy. Instead of getting rid of the bad guys in the world, she creates more of them.

Number of Protons and Electrons- 47

Silver is used for the making of mirrors as well as batteries. Silver is also in almost all jewelry as well.

Silver is shiny, soft as well as ductile.