#sparkinfo Family Update Sept. 2021

Building Student Capacity

Pickens Middle has many new exciting things happening on campus this semester! If you follow us on social media or visit our website, you have seen many exciting pictures from activities in class to our new academies being served through four houses.

This year, our greatest challenge is helping students recover from any learning loss due to Covid-19. Please know that this effort is a monumental one and will take the effort of not only our teachers and staff but you as a parent. You can do the following things to ensure your student is successful this year:

1) Monitor your student's grades and hold them accountable for missing work! This is huge! Teachers cannot assess students' learning if the assignments are not completed.

2) Help us improve the partnership between the home and the school by communicating with teachers with concerns. Our teachers are very open to hearing from you. They themselves will be reaching out when students need greater attention to acquire mastery.

3) Encourage your student to be great in their house. The house is their family on campus. We encourage you to become a part of your student(s)' house as well! Students can earn points for standing out academically, house spirit, effort, and great acts of character.

The challenges with Covid-19 are still a great concern when it comes to impact on education. As the principal of Pickens Middle School, I want to thank you for your support in this challenging time as we work to make our students the very best that they can be!

Best Regards,

James King

Principal, Pickens Middle

Pickens Middle School Vision Statement

Empower Students to Realize the Best in Themselves and in Others!

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Congrats to the week two winner!- Isibindi!

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Pickens Middle Personalized Learning Academy and the House System

At this time, all students have been sorted into their houses and are beginning to explore personalized learning opportunities. House points are important! Please encourage excellence on campus. Also, please encourage participation in house competitions.

This week, we are continuing our Ingles Tools for Schools Drive. We also will have a spirit competition daily.

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Business Partner Information

For the 2021-2022 school year, Pickens Middle School will be implementing the House System. This will provide benefits that will deeply impact students and teachers alike. The House System will bring a culture of belonging, provide a school wide community, develop character building, conduct healthy competition, encourage staff involvement and embed the Houses into everyday life, culture and physical environment of our school. We believe that each of our business partners will offer a unique combination to Pickens Middle School in terms of materials, volunteerism, monetary donations, student rewards and or underwriting an event. If you are interested in becoming a business partner, please contact Butch Morris at 864-397-4100, ext. 4111. Please click on the picture below to find out more about becoming a business partner.


Pickens Middle School wants to thank the following business partners for their support!

Platinum Level Donors

Cornell Dubilier, Inc.


Gold Level Donors

Martin Grove Wesleyan Church


As we continue to improve on our daily dismissal plan, we need your help if you are picking up a student in the car rider line. Please display your car tag so it is visible for us to see. This allows us to put the car tag number in our spreadsheet. If you do not have your car tag with you, we will ask you for the car tag number. We ask that you have your car tag number with you daily. If you have not received a car tag this year, please contact us and we will assign you a car tag number. Thank you for your help!

PLTW Distinquished School

Pickens Middle is so proud of Mrs. Riddle and our Project Lead the Way classes. For the third year in a row, we were recognized as an nationally distinguished school. This is an honor only received by 158 schools this year for their Gateway programs!
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Covid Concerns

New Covid Reporting Form-

If you feel that your child has been exposed to Covid-19 as a contact, they have tested positive, or potentially have Covid-19 in that they are symptomatic, please use the following form to report it:


Once the form is filled out, someone from the school will be contacting you. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Quarantine Assistance

It is very important for students to keep up with their assignments while home during quarantine. We have created a help sheet for students and parents with vital information regarding academic help for students in quarantine.


This Month at Pickens Middle!


VB vs Gettys 5:30 – 7:30pm


Pickens Middle PTO Meeting 6:30 – 7:30pm (Pickens Amphitheater)


Go Lime Green Football Game Pickens Middle vs McCants 5:30 – 9:30 pm (PHS Stadium)


VB vs Edwards 5:30 – 7:30pm


MAP Assessment Complete


Academic Recovery Plans Due

VB at Glenview 5:30 – 7:30pm


Football @ Gettys 5:30 – 9:30pm


Spark Celebration

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What's Happening on Campus!

Wear House Shirts Every Friday!

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SPARK Celebrations

SPARK Celebrations concentrate on four components of student life: Academics , Respect, Knowledge, and Service.SPARK Celebrations will concentrate on four components of student life:

  1. Academics (Maintain a C average to be eligible for #sparkcelebrations. Maintain an A or B average for SPARKS finest.)

  2. Attendance (No Unexcused Absences for the nine weeks.)

  3. Community/Service (Students need five hours of service per nine weeks. This may be logged online with a teacher or using a SPARKS service sheet to be SPARKS Finest)

  4. Discipline (No Discipline Referrals and a maximum of two detentions.)

Students will have the ability to be involved in various celebrations, rewards, and activities based on their accomplishments in the four areas of student life. Each element will be recognized every nine weeks with the hope of students excelling in all areas and becoming a SPARKS Finest: Students Promoting Attendance, Respect, Knowledge, and Service.


We need you in our PTO this year! We would love to have you join! Involvement may be simple monetary support through a membership all the way to directly serving in the school! Stay tuned for more information! If you would like to join, you can download and print the membership form by clicking on the PTO photo.

School Improvement Council Nomination Form

We are looking for Pickens Middle parents and community members who can have a positive impact on our school. Please nominate outstanding candidates for our Council here! Thank you!

Arrival and Dismissal on Campus

The first week of school can provide challenges in any school's carline as new school members learn the system. Our goal is to be as efficient but as safe as possible. Once we get everyone in the flow, our afternoon car line is gone within fifteen minutes. Please review general carline procedures below:

A.M. Drop-Off

Please remember that in the morning, the lane which comes straight to the school will close at 7:30 AM. All vehicles should approach the school through the car loop single file. We do not double stack and merge in the AM. Please pull forward and fill in all available space to ensure that we can unload as many students as we can and keep the line as short as possible. This is a single lane in the morning. Students should not be dropped off prior to 7:45 AM. In the best scenario, they are dropped off between 8 and 8:15.

P.M. Pick-UP

For the safety of our students in our carline, Pickens Middle will not allow signing out of students after 2:30 PM. Please pick up your student prior to that time for any appointments or events which require early pick up. The barrier to the straight left lane will close at 2:30 and we do not want cars coming around the barrier into oncoming traffic. All vehicles must use the car loop after that time. Parents/guardians who arrive before 2:30 for afternoon pickup may wait in the car loop at the final stop sign at the top of the hill until dismissal. Please see the video below for car pickup instructions.

*Students with parent/guardian permission must have a walker's pass to leave campus on foot.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please let us know.

Welcome to Pickens Middle Video!