Technology Tips


As I have been in and out of classrooms, just a few things I want to remind you of.

  • If you are leaving your classroom, please make sure either close and lock your door, or you lock all student laptops up. I have been in classrooms where the classroom door is wide open and the laptops are not locked up. We do not want to create any tempting opportunities for any of our students.
  • Please remember that I have cleaning solution for the outside of the laptops as well as the screens. If you keep up with cleaning them throughout the year, it doesn't make for such a big job at the end of year.
  • If the labels are coming off of student laptops, please send me an email with the label information and I will get a new one made.
  • When leaving your classroom (lunch, recess, specials), please be sure your Smart Board is turned off. The lamps are way to expensive to just leave the projectors turned on when you are not using them. I know you have a lot to remember throughout the day, but maybe this could be a job you put a few students in charge of. They love responsibility!

Cool Tech Tool for Teachers

Are you looking for some fun, new web 2.0 tools? Check out The 3 Tech Ninjas website! There are several great resources available here about Digital Citizenship, making QR codes, coding, blogging, and tons more! If you have a student who sometimes needs a "cool down" minute, following this: MORE WEB 2.0 TOOLS >KID STUFF>THIS IS SAND.

Cool Tech Tool for Student Projects

This was a neat link in a “Cool Tools” column in School Library Journal, by Richard Byrne. It would be a great resource if students are to the point where you want them to begin adding sounds to accent a creation project!

* Sound Gator for miscellaneous noises:

“Go Forth and Reuse” by Richard Byrne in School Library Journal, April 2015 (Vol. 61, #4, p 14)

Substitute Teachers

Please remember to leave the login for substitute teachers in your sub plans.

login: sub.teacher328
password: Rocket328

If you need the substitute teacher to access a file for the day, please log into the computer with the substitute login when creating your plans and save the file on the local desktop. They cannot access files that are saved on the desktop under your login.

You should not be leaving your login to any programs (Discovery Education, Dreambox, iReady, etc.) for a substitute. If you need a video to be shown for your class, please login under the substitute login, download the video and save it to your desktop.

Also, please remember that students are not to use laptops when substitutes are in the classroom, unless arrangements have been made with another teacher ahead of time.

Thank you for helping to make a substitute's day go as smoothly as possible.