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7409 Westway Dr

  • Great condition, ready to go
  • Wood floors in living room/dining room
  • Spacious master bathroom
  • Open kitchen
  • Great neighborhood

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4121 Sonora dr

  • Traditional spacious duplex
  • Heaps of cabinet space
  • Convenient location. Close to convenience stores and elementary school.
  • Light Rehab

Did You Know?

Dallas Ranks #3 on Forbes list of America's Fastest Growing Cities?

DFW experienced 15% job growth from 2010-2015 and an 8.2% population increase from 2010-2014.

What To Consider When Investing

1. What is the objective? Will you be flipping or using as an investment properties?

2.What is your budget & price range?

3. Choose the level of repairs you are comfortable with: Light, moderate, or heavy rehab.

4. Preferred areas you are interested in.

Create the Property Criteria

  • Location: Demand for specific school districts/location for new jobs.
  • Property Type: Single family home, duplex, or town home.
  • Features: Ideal floor plan, square footage, etc.

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