Camp Tnere!!!!

The Awesome Camp Trip!!


At Tnere camp there will be activities. Such as zip line, archrery, horse riding, nature walk, orinting, camp craft, and team games!all the activities are very fun!

Zip line

The zip line was really fun! You got to jump off and ride your way to next side. The zip line was very high up but it was super fun to ride. I got to go on it twice. I loved it! It was my favorite activity.


I loved shooting arrows in the air zooming for the middel. It was so fun I felt like I was going to kill an animal we'll I would never do that. Any was it was so awesome!

Horse Riding

Horse riding was fun i liked that we got to ride the horses. I loved the horse we rode her name was princess. i liked it a lot.

Here are some photos of my group!!!