The 1970s

By: Brandon Gabrielson


The 1970s was a decade that was all over the place. It began the new floppy disks, introduction of VCR, had some sneaky scandals such as the Watergate scandal, and ended with a bang when Elvis was found dead.


Leading in to the 1970s the president was Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon did some good things, like taking troops out of Vietnam, but was involved in the Watergate Scandal. He was never impeached for his actions, as he was the first president to resign. Gerald Ford replaced Nixon and restored confidence in the government after the previous scandal. Ending out the decade was Jimmy Carter who was big into foreign affairs. He reopened China relations and made improvements to the Arab Israeli conflicts.


Believe it or not, some of the inventions from the 1970s seem above of their time, as we still use many of them today, only newer versions. Some inventions from the 70s were the VCR, Floppy Disk, and Ink Jet Printer. Also, the first video game, Pong, was introduced. This is important because it began the video game craze and led the industry to what it is today. Artificial Hearts and MRI Scanners are still used every day to help save thousands of people. Last but certainly not the least, the first cell phone was invented. It is nearly the opposite of what you would expect, it was about the size of a water bottle!

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The Cold War

The Cold War was raging strong at this point. New technological advances in the space race were coming out left and right. There was always something new being launched into the unknown, and this taught us everything we now know about what's up there. The work of the team at NASA completely changed life, it offered the ability for satellite TV, internet, cellphones, and much more.


The best part of the 70s was the music. Although not as great as the 80s, the music is still popular today and laid the path for 80s. In the mid 70s, Kiss was formed and immediately hit the boards. Kiss is also really great to see live, if you haven't yet you should do that sometime. Also Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Eagles and Queen dominated the boards.

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