Clara Bow

About Clara Bow

About Clara Bow

She was a young pretty lady, no boyfriend or husband. She was born July 29, 1905 in Brooklyn NY. She had 3 siblings but she was the youngest. Her mother was very sick and on the edge of dying, her father was never home and he was sexually abusive. She really had nothing else to turn to or nobody else to turn to.

Clara's life as a an upcoming star

Clara soon dropped out of school when 15 and she'd just sit home and watch her favorite television shows to block out all the bad that's happening in her life. When she turned 16 she signed up for a beauty contest and won a small part in the film Beyond the Rainbow in 1922.

Clara life as a star

After her part in the film Clara went to Hollywood and signed with Preferred Pictures. She started to star in a lot of other films she starred an a lot of silent films such as Grit, The Plastic Age and Dancing Mothers. She became very popular after 1927, that when her nickname came along the "It" Girl. She was also known for her style, as women across the world dressed like her.
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Personal Life

Clara suffered from a lot on her schedule, and her love life. She was associated with a number of men on screen and off screen. Clara's love life became the object of much hurtful and gossip. Someone had made a pamphlet with stories of her relationships. In 1931 she had a break down

Romantic Life

After recovery, Clara met an actor Rex Bell and the two married in 1931 going on to have two children. Clara starred in other films with Fox Studios before retiring from acting in 1933. After retiring she struggled with her emotional and mental health, and she also attempted to commit suicide. Later on her husband soon died in 1962 Clara Bow died at age 60 on September 27, 1965 In LA, California from a heart attack.

Later on...

Decades later her tantalizing role in shaping film and general culture still continues to be explored. A biography was published in 1988 Clara Bow Running' Wild by David Stein.

Famous Quotes by Clara

"The more I see of dogs I think of men." Meaning all men are dogs to her. Another quote by her was "Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry, especially when one is tired hurt, and bewildered." Saying no one knows what she is going through, there on the outside looking in.

Interview questions..

I would ask her how she got famous, and i think her response would be that she entered a beauty contest and it started from their. Another question I would ask her is "ow many films have you been in" I think she would say many, but her favorite one would be when she met her husband.