Cambodian Civil War

By Matt Hjalte

Why the war started.

  • Cambodia a poor country with a government that was falling apart. The leader of the communist group Pol Pot wanted it all to be equal and no one else bigger than each other. Pol Pot planned on turning Cambodia into an organization of farms and have the citizens as the laborers.


Pol Pot the main leader of the communist group. Nuon Chea was the chief ideologist of the Khmer Rouge. Leng Sary was a co-founder and a senior member of the Khmer Rouge. Son Sen was a Cambodian communist politician and soldier. Khieu Samphan was a former Cambodian communist politician and was state president of presidium.

resources they used

The Communists group the Khmer Rouge didn't believe in technology. They used guns bombs guns and rockets to aid there fight.


Just two years before this war. In America the civil rights movement was going on.