Coca-Cola Over the Years

Look How much we've changed!

Coca Cola 1905

In the beginning simplicity was valued. Ads were informational, short and to the point to describe the product. Enticed the reader with words, little photographs used due to inexperience.
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Coca-Cola 1930-50s

The addition of model use is prominent during this era. People gravitate to seeing "ordinary" people, like them, using the coke products.
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Coca-Cola 1963

The first use of actually photography came about in the 1960s. Now real people were used, and the fascination set sail.
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Coca Cola-Present Day

The use of famous icons is a priority. Getting celebrities and largely known people to advertise for the product proves great results for the company. The photography is crisp, clear, and professional.
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However, through all the years, we have still stayed the same!