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In The News... Oct. 21, 2016

Wow, how can it be that it is track out again? These past 9 weeks have flown by! We've done a lot over those weeks and have had so much fun learning here at WSES.

This newsletter is mostly going to talk about Track Out. I am not sending much home this time as all I truly would like is for the kids to read nightly and to work on their Social Studies (Country) Project. I will email the sheet that went home last week with the project details and the rubric on how it will be graded in case you've misplaced it (it is also inside your child's track out baggie). If you forgot the country you chose, you can use the link below this section to see the sign up genius and/or see the sheet in your child's track out baggie. Please be creative. It is ok to help create/work on the project with your child; it's great family time as well as an awesome support for your child's learning. The only thing that I ask is that your child be knowledgeable about his/her country and be able to present it. I have seen some awesome projects through the year and the kids LOVE to travel and hear about these new places. I can't wait to see all the projects when we track back in!

In addition to reading and working on the project, your child can work on some of the homework websites. Of course, please know that working over track out is completely optional. I want the kids to enjoy their break and time with family. These are just ideas to help them stay on top of their skills.

I will post the Read & Respond Blog up so that your child can post his/her books read over track out. If they read 5 books or 1 chapter book over track out, then they will earn lunch with me when we track back in. The Math Stumper will be updated too!

There are a couple of things happening either over track out or right when we track in. Please be sure to read the NOTES section at the bottom of this newsletter so you and your child don't miss anything!

I truly hope everyone has a wonderful track out! I am super excited for break as I am traveling to Ireland. I will be leaving on Oct. 30 and not returning until Nov. 8th (in the evening). Please know that I will not be checking email during this trip and/or be using Class Dojo or Remind as I will have limited internet access. I will, however, be posting highlights from my trip on Twitter as a way to broaden the kids' knowledge of the world around us. I will use the hashtag #GowerInIreland if you want to follow my journey.

Don't forget to read the Notes section! Happy Track Out!

~Ms. Gower


The following students met their first AR goal of 5 pts! We are so super proud of you!!

  • Ryan- 5 pts
  • Ashton- 6 pts
  • Julia- 5 pts
  • Ryleigh- 6 pts

Super Reading!


  • Math & Science Night: This fun event takes place during our track out. The school has some awesome stations planned for this night. It is scheduled on Nov. 3rd from 6-8:45. K-2's time is from 6:00-7:15 with the upper grades times being after that. Come on out if you're in town.

  • We will kick off the Boosterthon on our track in day (Nov. 14). Boosterthon info will come home that day. Sometimes it is difficult for our track to raise money for our school because we only have a week to seek pledges; however, I know that together we can change this. I am asking that you work on getting pledges lined up over break (if possible). This fundraiser is important to not only our school, but our very own classroom as we earn 10% of the money collected to buy materials for our own room. Our Fun Run will be Nov. 18 at 10:40. Please mark your calendars for this event and plan to come join us.

  • Work on the Social Studies Project!!

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