Willow Parent Bulletin #4

September 16, 2022

We are doing it!

School that is... we are doing school! Almost all of our Wildcats are settled into the routines of each day. They continue to build positive relationships with their peers and the staff. Teachers have been doing some baseline assessing so we can gear our instruction and intervention to best meet needs. We have a strong team of interventionists who meet with small groups of math and reading students to fill in any gaps in their learning. We are also identifying those students working beyond grade level and determining what they need. It's a process that takes some time because we want to do it right.

First and Second graders will take the STAR test next week. Please be sure they come to school ready for success. When students come in late it throws off their whole start to the day. Plan on being here by 8:00AM when students start to enter the building with their classmates, please. It's also important that taking a student out early is kept to a minimum. Dismissal is at 2:50 PM.

This weekend is a good time to clean out backpacks and folders, wash those masks and water bottles, and practice anything the teacher has mentioned in his/her/their newsletter. Just a reminder that Willow does not supply any masks for students. If you'd like your Wildcat to cover, please send one from home.

Enjoy the weekend! We look forward to seeing you on Thursday for Open House! Go Bears!

Outdoor Open House

It looks like the weather will cooperate for Open House next week. Upon arrival, please check in with your Wildcat's teacher. He/she/they will provide you with a chenille stem (pipe cleaner for you old school folks) and a scavenger hunt sheet. At each spot mentioned, your Wildcat will receive a colored bead for their stem. Once all 10 colored beads have been collected, stop back by the teacher for a special smiley bead.

We decided not to make a map... that defeats the purpose of the scavenger hunt. However, if you loop the main building, you are bound to find everyone you need.

Don't forget that you can buy books, caramel apples and Willow Wear...oh my! We will not be making change for Willow Wear the evening of, but will send it home with your Wildcat he following week. The order form is below, so you have pricing information. Caramel apples and chocolate/caramel covered pretzels will be $2/each.

We'll see students with last names A-J at 6:00 PM and student with last names L-Z at 6:45 PM.

Big picture

Bus 2 rides again:

Cue the celebratory music! The bus company has informed us that Bus 2 will be starting again on Monday morning!

Let them know:

If you want to let a Willow staff member know he/she/they are doing a great job, here's how:


I share all of your kind and encouraging words with the staff!

Field trips:

The planning has begun for field trips. We are so excited that your Wildcat will experience these hands-n learning opportunities! In some instances, we will request chaperones. If you are chosen it's important to remember that you are a role model and representing the school. That means following all the directions given by staff ( no souvenirs means no souvenirs) and being safety minded the whole time. Sometimes we get too many volunteers. It's nothing personal and there will be many other opportunities throughout the year. Parents who are not directly chaperoning should not crash the field trip and meet up with the class. We appreciate your help and cooperation.

Immunization exclusion date approaching:

According to the State of Illinois, all students must be fully vaccinated or have a religious exemption on file or they will be excluded from school starting on October 15th. If you are unsure of your child's status, please contact the school nurse, Bethany Long.

Virtual backpack:

On the website is an icon for the Virtual backpack. You can find all kinds of community happenings on there! There are fundraisers happening at Chipotle and Aurelio's next week if you don't feel like cooking. There's also information on Park District programs, SSRA, as well as cheer and basketball. There are also several resources to help with any social-emotional or mental health needs. https://www.hsd153.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1250307&type=d&pREC_ID=1475665

Shield Testing:

Be sure to check out the Covid dashboard for information on testing results. https://www.hsd153.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1135481&type=d&pREC_ID=2362478


Sept 22: Open House 6:00 - 7:30 PM

Sept 23: PreK screening- call for an appointment for children 3 years and older

Sept 27: School Board meeting- 7PM at Hart

Sept 30: PreK screening- call for an appointment for children 3 years and older

Oct 5: Yom Kippur- NO SCHOOL

Oct 10: Indigenous People's Day- NO SCHOOL

Oct 20: picture day

Oct 28: PreK Fun Friday

Oct 31: Halloween parties and parade- if your child will not participate, please notify his/her/their teacher

Nov 4: PreK screening- call for an appointment for children 3 years and older

Nov 8: Election Day- NO SCHOOL

Nov 11: EARLY RELEASE at 11:40 AM

Nov 14: School Board meeting

Nov 17: picture retakes

Nov 18: End of the 1st trimester

Nov 21-22: Parent/Teacher conferences

Nov 23-25: Thanksgiving Break- NO SCHOOL

This week in pictures: