The New Girl in Town

Girl of your dreams

The Arrival of Godess

It was a warm, cool day when she arrived. With those broad hips, a red face, a big butt, and a hat as big as a boat. All young men were staring, regardless if they had a woman or not, as she walked through the street with those bright red pants.


This lady was extremely rich. She had so many guys bringing her gifts and giving there love to her. She left a lot of them heartbroken because they really wanted to spend their lives with her, but she just use them for one thing then it was over.


After a while she had gotten married to a very wealthy man. The man was very happy that he had been giving that chance after one date with her. He was very faithful to her, but on the other hand she was not to faithful to him. She cheated on him on plenty of nights, but he was not certain of it. This had gone on for many of years and the man was told that she had been doing this, but he did not believe anyone because he thought they were jealous.

The last Straw

The man had come home one day and threw his keys upon his counter, when he heard chattering coming from his room. He went in to catch his wife kissing on another man. The man became very mad at what he had seen and had killed the man at that instant. He was sent to jail as soon as possible of life. However, the lady was free and migrated to a new town to avoid any trouble, also tagging along his money with her.
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