Wanted: Scarlet Fever

By: Daniel Castillo


This wanted criminal is accused of causing Itching, high temperature fever, and skin rashes that cover the whole body


This outlaw is described as a bacteria that likes to reproduce quickly around the body

Mode of operation

This villain has been known to release it's toxins from the common strep throat or skin infections


Watch out!!! This criminal likes to attack infants and very rarely adults


If left to run free, this scoundrel will cause high temp fever and swollen glands around the body but mostly neck

Armed and Dangerous

Scarlet fever is armed and dangerous it has been known to kill it's victims before


Scarlet Fever has been known to hang around inside infections waiting to release it's deadly toxins all around your body
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Most effective weapons

The best way to contain this vicious villain is to take Penicillin and Amoxicillin
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