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April 2021


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The School Library...

  • Is essential to effective education for an information-based society
  • supports the goals of the Ankeny Public Schools by serving all students and teachers
  • serves as an integral part of the instruction process
  • offers an environment conducive to reading and learning, critical thinking, creative expression, investigation and research, professional growth, and curriculum development and enhancement

Students are encouraged to visit the the Southview Library Media Center to take advantage of the services always available to participate in any of the special programs planned for the month.

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Jason Reynolds for School Libraries

Students "Attend" 2021 North Texas Teen Book Festival

The North Texas Teen Book(NTTB) Festival went virtual this year. And we, at Southview, participated from the library.

Normally, NTTB is a free one-day festival that promotes reading and celebrates both middle grade and young adult literature. Thousands of teen from Texas attend in person each year, but for 2021, the virtual 2-day event was open to anyone in the United States.

Keynote speakers included Jayson Reynolds, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, Ibi Zoboi, and Chelsea Clinton. Multiple individual panel sessions were also offered each period of the day. The SV LMC used its collaboration stations to set up a variety of sites, where students could select which authors and topics they could watch via the NTTB Youtube Channel. The Festival offered students the opportunity to hear from almost 100 different middle grade and YA authors.

The SV library welcomed Mrs. Geist's classes each period as participants as well as students from other English classes who popped in to join us throughout the day.

Spanish Classes do Breakout EDU

Senora Dowell's and Southard's classes used the library for Breakout EDU. Think of it as a breakout room in a box. Students worked together to analyze their reading, search for and solves clues. They used their text and clues from around the room to open each of the locks on the Breakout Box.

Breakout EDU is an educational tool that allows for students to not only internalize what they learn in read in class, but also practice 21st century skills like critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication.

Winners had their pictures taken and posted on the SV LMC Twitter and Instagram feeds. See some of the winning groups below.


Read Away Fines - April 12-30, 2021

Southview Middle School Library is offering students the opportunity to read away some library fines they may have accrued during their time spent at Southview. Here are the details:

  • WHAT: $1 fine is waived for every 15 minutes of reading.
  • WHERE: Read in the Library Media Center, Study Hall, Classroom, Home
  • WAIVED: overdue fees for books or technology; lost book returned fees
  • NOT WAIVED: purchased items (e.g., earbuds), lost item replacements (e.g., book, charger), Chromebook repair fees, fines accrued at other library sites
  • REQUIRED: Must show teacher/study hall/parent/guardian start time and then stop sign; have them initial your sheet.

Students may stop in library to get more details and pick up their participation forms. The participation forms must be used to earn the credit.

SV/NV Virtual Project Lit Book Club

Wednesday, April 14th, 4:30pm

This is an online event.

March's book club discussion about the book Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi was lively and thought-provoking. Some had read the books; others hadn't. But those who hadn't have checked out the book since that meeting. That. book. is. that. good.

We earned a grant from the Family Literacy of Georgia/Teen Literacy for Georgia, and they provided us with 20 free copies of Jason Reynolds's Long Way Down. Each student who participates in the April 14 book study can pick up their free copy of the book that is THEIRS TO KEEP at either SV or NV LMCs.

Students: join us. It's online. It's fun. You get a free book! See our reading scheduling for the remainder of the year below.


Ankeny 6-9 Battle of the Books

Thursday, May 13th, 9am

This is an online event.

This is a tentative date, but we are definitely planning to hold a virtual competition. This means, remote learners - you can join in! There is still time to form a team OR let Mrs. Kauffman know of your interest, and she'll help you get on one.

Click on the link button to the Ankeny Battle of the Books website below. Email Mrs. Kauffman if you have questions. Get your teams signed up!


Get Chromebooks ISASP Ready

With ISASP testing the first full week of April, students will want to ensure that they have their Chrome OS up to date. This is a necessary component of being able to access the testing app. Step-by-step instructions may be found on the SV LMC website's Chromebook Issues Troubleshooting page or this Chromebook Troubleshooting Poster.

Katy Kauffman, Teacher Librarian

The mission of the Ankeny Library Media Program is to enable all students to be independent learners who are skilled users of information, and who appreciate literature and other creative expressions.