Top 10 Facts

Tupac Shakur

10. First Rap

Tupac was first inspired to rap when a friend of his was killed while was playing with a gun. His first song was about gun control.

9. Last Movie Casting

Shakur was cast in the movie "Woo," but was shot a few days before principal photography began.

8. Rapping in Prison

Tupac wrote his hit song “Dear Mama” while in prison

7. Jail Time

He did jail time before he was even born.

6. First Acting Role

Tupac's mother enrolled him in Harlem's 127th Street Repertory Ensemble. His first acting role was portraying Travis from the play "A Raisin in The Sun."

5. Movie Casting's

Tupac was cast in the movies "Cool Runnings," "Higher Learning," and "How To Be A Player" before his untimely death.

4. Favorite Actor

Who's Tupac's favorite actor? It's comedian Jim Carrey.

3. Biggie Smalls

Tupac bought Biggie Smalls his first ‘Rolex’ watch.

2. Favorite Drink

Tupac’s favorite drink was Sunkist Orange Soda

1. Favorite Food

Tupac’s two favorite meals were fried chicken wings with hot sauce and macaroni and cheese.

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