On Computer Gaming Cases

On Computer Gaming Cases

In this era of post-gaming, gamers not just want personalized look of a gaming case, but also the product function to enhance the gaming experience. For gamers, what kind of case is suited to their individuality? What kind of case can be called a gaming case? What are the elements of a gaming case should have? Here we summarize features and design elements of electromechanical computer gaming cases.

Individual elements

Personalized design is the most important part to attract the attention of gamers. An excellent gaming case design not only can be seen at first glance to tell the difference between a gaming case and a common one, but also it is can highlight the unique personality of a player to meet the need of individualized differences.

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Solid sheet

Solid sheet is to guarantee the quality of the gaming case. Only a solid case can withstand DIY toss of players. The current graphics cards, CPU heat sink, cooling system are with heavy weight. Lack of plate thickness, will cause resonance machine running, noise, caused heavy case deformation, affecting all parts of the life.

Backplane traces

Backplane traces are the most likely to experience a part of DIY spirit in the installed process for gamers. The player¡¯s self-design wire traces DIY distribution according to their own preferences. But in addition to the support of the power wire, backplane traces need support of the case, strictly speaking, it is a reasonable and sufficient openings traces space.

Some best pc cases manufacturers fully take into account the needs of the player¡¯s backplane traces. The first is back after treatment personalized red, so red in the dark of the back of the rack is more prominent. Backplane opening the source code is very reasonable, so that the main line power supply, CPU and graphics card power supply wire and other wire line perforation can reasonably place; while walking the line of source code due to the space side of the convex design, but also very abundant, players You can rest assured that traces.

Compatible with U3 and SSD

USB3.0 interface seems to be the fashion trends to provide users with the best reader. Compared with the traditional 2.0 interface, it can play better reading speed removable storage devices, in conjunction with some new motherboard which do not boot but can charge achieved smart phones, tablets. SSD solid state drive is very popular in the past few years, compared to traditional mechanical hard disk, its reading and writing performance with multiple upgrade, and the most immediate effect is that the computer boots from the calculation of rate changes seconds, while reading a progress bar during the game loads will be more rapid loading screen faster, more sensitive response speed of the game and become the player to solve the current mechanical hard disk transfer rate bottleneck key weapon.