OTES Newsletter November 18-26

Work Hard and Be Kind

Diversity Quote this Week

Diversity: The art of thinking independently together. Malcolm Forbes

Principal's Message

Our school will be in session next week, Monday and Tuesday, but students will not have school on Wednesday, November 27th. We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!

Starting AFter Thanksgiving Break: Homework Help will be Monday and Wednesday afternoons for all students in GRADES 3-5.

Ring in the holiday season with us!

Holiday Concerts:

December 11: 4th Grade Concert 6 pm

December 12: 5th Grade Concert 6 pm

We will be completing our first trimester of the school year on November 22! It's hard to believe a third of the year is in the books. We are continuing to work hard here at OTES with many activities and lessons each day. Parents will be receiving a report card on December 6th. If after reading the report card you have questions, concerns, or just want to review the material, please contact the teacher to set up a conference.

Walk to School: Our official WALK TO SCHOOL Day will be Friday, November 22. We hope to see lots of friends and family join us on our last walk of 2019. We encourage families to continue to walk to school even in the winter, but we will restart our WALK TO SCHOOL DAYS in April 2020.

Holiday Bazaar Parent Help: If you have time to help or prepare something for the concession stand, please visit the link and sign up to help in some way: https://signup.com/go/ToYGRsb

K-Kids Jobs for the Week of December 2-6:

Safety Team: Kylee Lawson, Marcus Cote, Sage Thompson, Emilee Lawerence, Nora Woodbury

School Store: December 6: Kylee Lawson, Alex Roach, Callie Carlow, Sefia Haverkamp

Answering your questions about LICE:

Several questions have come to us recently regarding lice. Although lice infestation has not been a huge problem at OTES, here’s some information about lice that maybe helpful.

Lice are relatively harmless and infestations are very common. Experts estimate there are about 6 -12 million cases each year in the United States. The presence of lice is not indicative of a child’s cleanliness. Lice are typically attracted to clean hair and are spread through head-to-head contact or by sharing brushes, hats, combs, coats, and scarves. An adult louse is about the size of a sesame seed and eggs are oval-shaped, about the size of a poppy seed. A female louse lays about 6 eggs per day and lives about 32 days. The eggs are deposited close to the scalp. Eggs found more than ¼ from the scalp have probably already hatched and are then called nits.

Facts about head lice:

  • Lice don’t jump or fly rather travel from person to person on clothing and hair accessories.
  • Lice are not dangerous and not known to cause disease.
  • Lice live on people’s scalp, not on animals.
  • Persistent head-scratching is the most common symptom.
  • Nits do not fall out on their own but need to be removed manually with a lice comb or picked out one at a time.

What to do if lice are discovered at home:

  • Notify the school nurse.
  • Purchase an over-the-counter product or contact your doctor or pharmacist for treatment. It is very important to follow all product instructions to effectively eliminate lice from your child and home.
  • Wash bedding, towel and clothing with soapy hot water and dry items in a hot dryer.
  • Vacuum carpets, pillows, mattresses, overstuffed furniture and car seats.
  • Soak combs, brushes and hair accessories in very hot water for 15 minutes.
  • Check scalp every day for the next 2 weeks.

For more information on head lice visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, www.cdc.gov/lice/.

Looking Ahead to the Week November 18-25

November 25:: Day 3: 3rd Grade Homework help, 2nd Year Band, Online AUCTION STARTS!

November 26 Day 4 Robotics (5th Grade) First Year Band ALL

November 27: NO SCHOOL

November 28: Happy Thanksgiving

November 29: NO SCHOOL

December 2: Day 5: 2nd Year Band, Homework Help for GRADES 3-5

December 3: Day 6: First YEAR Band ALL STUDENTS, Robotics 5th Grade

December 4: Day 1: Symphonic Band, Cribbage Club, Homework Help GRADES 3-5, PTC meeting

December 5: Day 2: K-Kids Meeting 7:15,

December 6: Day 3: 2nd GRADERS (Opperman, Vose, Stevens) Go to Sarah's House, Donuts with Dogs, Report Cards Go Home, Lion King Rehearsal

DECEMBER 7: Holiday Bazaar at OTES, 9AM TO 2 PM!!! COME JOIN US