Discovery Boot Camp 4

15 days to a becoming a more connected Discovery Educator

DE Boot Camp: Fundamentals Day 4 ................................... Keeping ALL of your media organized

The more you use Discovery Education, the more you'll find it really helpful to have strategies for keeping all your Discovery stuff organized and at your fingertips.

Let me introduce you to MY CONTENT. Keeping your media organized is just one of the exciting things that My Content has to offer. Just click the "My Content" button at the top of your My DE to begin.

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Saving DE Media into My Content

Organizing My Content

You can ORGANIZE items in your My Content by simply clicking and dragging them where you'd like them to go. You can have as many layers of folders and subfolders as you choose. To DELETE an item or a folder, select "delete" from the ACTIONS button at the right.

Adding Your Own media

One of the most exciting and powerful features to be added to Discovery Education recently is the ability for you to upload your own content into your My Content. By uploading your files, you can then use that content in any of the Discovery tools or activities that you would normally use items from the Discovery library.

To upload your own files,

* click the orange UPLOAD button at the upper-right of My Content

* click the "+ ADD FILES" button at the bottom-left of the popup and browse to select your files

* click the blue "START UPLOAD" button to complete the upload.

How many files can I upload? As many as you like - there is no limit!

How big of a file can I upload? Up to 100 mb

What kinds of files can I upload? Almost any type of document, pdf, spreadsheet, presentation, image, audio, video, or interactive whiteboard file

What can I do with my files? Just like Discovery media, you can share them, include them in online activities, and assign them to your students. How? I'll have to save that for another Boot Camp day :)

Today's Assignment - Start a Lesson Collection

My Content is a great place to organize materials to use in your lessons. You can save DE media, your media, online student activities there, and then you can assign that to your students, share it with your coworkers, and even share it with a global audience. The first step is to create a folder and start gathering resources.

For today's activity, I'd like you to choose a lesson that you'll be teaching (or supporting, if you're not a classroom teacher). Create a folder in your My Content for that lesson topic, and then gather a variety of resources that you can use to support that lesson. Try to include both resources from the Discovery library and your own files too.

We'll be building on this activity in future Boot Camp activities... this is just the beginning!

Bonus tip of the day!

Guess what?!? Discovery Education is 99% mobile compatible and device neutral.

What does that mean? You can use Discovery on a tablet or smart phone with the exact same look, feel, and functionality as you are used to on your computer.

What's even cooler about that? You can upload any file to your My Content or onto a Board that you can save in your Photos on your device ... so you can record video, images, or audio on your device and upload them directly into your Discovery lessons and activities.

What else? Students can do all of their Discovery activities that you assign to them on mobile devices too. You'll learn more about that next week.

If you have a tablet or smartphone, give it a try. Login to Discovery on your device and check it out.

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