C-Note When You Promote

Debbie’s Team Incentive ends Nov 30th

C-Note When You Promote (to Associate Stylist or STAR)!!!!!

Welcome to Q4….the most wonderful time of year to be a Stella and Dot stylist. Why? Everyone needs holiday gifts, people are thinking of gathering their friends for festive parties and women need jewels to wear to their holiday parties. 40% of sales happen in Oct-Dec so what does this mean for you? More money in your pocket!!! I love more money especially this time of year, but do you know how to get the most bang for your buck as a Stella and Dot stylist?? It’s a promotion!

When you promote for the first time*, you get a cash bonus from Stella and Dot of $100 for associate stylist and $500 for Star AND I am sweetening the deal with an extra $100 cash! Are you in? Let me know if you want it and we can add it into our weekly calls. *see promotion timing note at the bottom of the newsletter

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What would you do with the extra cash? What would you spend it on? Are you saving for a vacation, would you buy a pair of cool boots, pay bills, buy holiday gifts or get more Stella and Dot jewels? Can you taste it??? Let me know what it is that drives you!

Does the idea of promoting seem daunting to you? No worries….I will get your new stylist up and running for you so that you can focus on your personal business! Can you take 20 minutes out of your week to offer it up to a few people? Here are some easy steps:

  1. Talk to every hostess during hostess coaching before the show, during and after
  2. When making follow up calls and asking those customers if they love their jewels, mention the sign up special to them and if not for them, maybe they have a friend who may be interested
  3. Do you have a friend who might like extra spending money for the holidays, maybe she is a stay at home mom and wants to get out of the house or maybe she has a job she doesn’t love and needs that fun factor??? Ask her!

If you are not comfortable with how to approach her, let’s talk and I will help you with words to say. Keep it simple!

When you bring a friend/customer/hostess along with you, you have the ability to help someone create a business of their own during this most wonderful time of year AND you get paid for it! With the sign up special going on this month, it’s really a no brainer. Did you know that a new stylist signing up this month can essentially make their money back after hosting their own show and get up to $900 in free product? If you haven’t taken a look at this one pager, it spells it all out.

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For those of you who are wondering what I am going for, it’s Associate Director. It’s a big goal but if not now, when? It’s our TIME ladies (pun intended)!!! Our team is due for a promotion and we can do it!

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*My cash bonus is for November promotions. If you hit associate stylist or star in October, you will get paid the $100 bonus at the end of November as long as you have maintained your pay rank status by hitting that level again in November