Acquired Territories in Asia

The Beginning of India

Thanks to many Portuguese explorers, travel to Asia resulted in acquiring many seaports along the coast of India. Portuguese explorer's had a great desire to find this new trade route to India which started with Vasco de Gama leading up to Pedro Cabral. Through their explorations, they acquired coveted spices such as cinnamon, and goods such as jewels and incense. A major victory at the seaport of Goa lead to control of the eastern sea route of India. As a result of them seizing the island, this area now became their main trading base as well as military base. The Portuguese continued down to the spice islands resulting in an acquisition over the Muslim rule. Alfonso de Albequerque lead the conquering of destroying towns along the coast. Having that said, they took over the port of Malacca which lead to breaking the domination of the Muslim and Italian control of spice trade lead to the accomplishment of taking over India.
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