What is a Norwegian Krone?

In Norway their currency is the Norwegian Krone, but I didn't know that until I tried to pay with US dollars.
Before I headed to Norway I noticed their government was not like ours(democracy), I found out Norway's government is actually a constitutional monarchy.


My favorite thing to do is eat, so as soon as I got into Norway I went straight to the food. I learned, and ate, the most common dishes in Norway.

Smalahove, Lutefisk, Hot Dogs and Sausages, Pickled Fish, Herring Fish pudding & fish balls, Meatballs, Lefs, Smoked salmon

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Norway's Buildings and Factories

As soon as I saw all the factories in Norway I knew why Norway is classified under more developed.
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Do You Speak Norwegian?

I was very excited to go to Norway that I completely forgot about my language. I was worried at first because Norway's primary language is Norwegian and, well I don't know Norwegian. However when I got there many translators were offered to me and it turned out to be alright that I didn't speck Norwegian.

I went during Norway's spring.

As I was planning my trip everything was going good until it got to packing my clothing. I quickly got my computer and learned there was Four seasons) and I was scheduled to arrive in the middle of spring. I packed some shorts, jeans t-shirts, sandals, tennis, cardigans, and a lot of light clothing.
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After I had finished packing, planning and researching I was ready to go to Norway and visit Viking Ship Museum, Frogner Park, Nidaros Cathedral, Flåm Line, and Midnight sun.
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Plan Your Vacation

Going to Norway was an amazing experience! Plan yours now!