Pink Panther Prints

Norfolk Junior High

By Bailey Mueller

Favorite App


This is my favorite app because you can get ahold of your friends and it’s just a fun why to talk to your friends. In Snapchat you have to send a picture to whoever you want to in your contacts and you can change your length of the time the other person sees it. I like this app because it is really funny when someone sends you an embrassing picture and you can screenshot it. In Snapchat their is a thing called my story, and it is where you can take a picture and if you want all of your contacts to see it, then all you have to do is go and push my story at the top of the page and then everyone will see it. Another reason why I like Snapchat is because there is this thing you can press to make all of your words big when you send it to that person.I think that Snapchat is a really good app because you can do many many things with it.

Movie Review

Do you want to build a snowman???? In Frozen Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Kristoff’s raindeer went to go look for Anna’s siser Elsa (the snow queen).Elsa ran off during her coranation to be the queen of Arendel, because Anna rips off her gloves and she gets mad and makes all of Arendel covered in snow. On the journey, Anna and Kristoff meet Olaf, a hilarious snowman that Anna and Elsa made when they were little girls in the castle. Anna,Kristoff,and Olaf all have an encounter with a giant snow monster that Elsa sends to run them off. Anna thinks she falls in love, but the love of her life ends up being a fake, just so that he can become the king of Arendel one day. Then by the end, Elsa and Anna become best sisters again and they all live happily ever after.

Idina Menzel - Let It Go (from "Frozen")


Bailey Mueller is a tall skinny muscular woman that enjoys hanging out with her kids, running, working out, and teaching her kids sports and how to bake. She had her first high school job at Papa Murphy’s.She went to Norfolk High and was in many activities including Deka, Panther Posse, and Pink Panthers. She then continued her life by going to college at UNL heading for her baking degree. She worked in a bakery after college and then got married to Channing Tatum and then had three beautiful kids named Camryn,Kaden , and Navaha. They later on moved to Florida to be closer to their parents and she opened her own bakery that is still up and running, where her kids now all work.They plan to travel to the Bahamas when they are both 45, and then plan to take a family trip to France and Paris when they are about 56 years old.They later on moved to California and then now have eight grandkids because each of their kids had three kids.Her kids live in California all near by in beautiful houses that have pools and big yards.She is now retired and does not own her business anymore. She has passed it on to her kids that are going to pass it on to their kids, so the the business keeps going on.She has it really hard because just three months ago her husband died at the age of 67.

She has recently moved into a retirement home where she is doing really really well and is really healthy.

Feature Story

Dance was done first by the cave people, but the actual people who create dance are the people who make up the dance also known as the choreographer. Dancers stay fit because of how they eat and how they work their bodies. They eat all they nutrients and vitamins that every person should be eating, but then they sometimes have sweets. Cave people used to put movements on the cave walls to express inner feelings. People dance because there is no better feeling in the world than moving your body to the beat and letting the music control you. Dance to some people is considered a sport, but to others it isn’t considered a sport. People say that it isn’t a sport because it doesn’t go to the Olympics.There are many things to say for good luck, but for most dancers and theatre people we all say break a leg to give all of the dancers good luck. For modern dance they dance barefoot, because it helps them move slower than with shoes to do all slow turns and movements. For many people, they think that disabled people can’t dance. Wrong! Anybody can dance. Some dance studios even have special classes just to help those that want to dance but think they can’t because they are disabled.

The reason most dancers are super skinny is because they burn off a super duper big amount of fats just by doing all of the classes and extra stuff they do to become better. Many ballet dancers have lots and lots of stress because if they are in pointe they have to worry about their feet and learning their dances. Most famous dancers or even teachers stop dancing at their

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet had an incident with Phil, the mental physocpath spider, on Thursday, September 14, 2010 on a warm summer day. The incident happened near the London Bridge. Well, she was just eating her curds and whey, then along came Phil minding his own business, until he saw her curds and whey. He knew right away he just had to scare her away, so he climbed up the tree and spun his web all the way down to her shoulder and pulled out a knife and then said, “Hi.” Little Miss Muffet had never been so scared in her life, so she dropped her curds and whey and ran away. Phil went and pushed her into the river and threw the knife, so that their was no evidence of him their. The police then found her little hat and his knife in the river bank. The next day he was arrested and was put to death in the electric chair in prison and died that night.