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Fun and Nutrition for the Whole Family With Grain Free Dog Treat Recipes

When you are looking for a fun and educational activity for your family you may not think of cooking; however, by making grain free dog treat recipes with the family you can accomplish both of those things as well as make a healthy treat for your pet. This is because you can help your kids understand the differences in nutrition and diets between people and pets, show them math by following the recipe in different ways, and teach them how the treats will change from a dough to a crunchy treat, all while letting them make a constructive mess and letting them shape the dog treats.

Grain free dog treat recipes will use starches such as potatoes, peas, or tapioca instead of grain based starches to help them stick together and have a healthy crunch. This can be beneficial if your dog has issues digesting grains, needs to be more active or gain weight, or for other reasons that you can talk about with your vet. Many times a vet will not recommend changing your dog's food if they are healthy, but by adding some grain free dog treats to their established diet you can help them have a more healthy coat and more energy. Since dogs are descended from ancient wolves, their diets tend to contain lots of meat, a few vegetables and fruits, and very limited amounts of grains. By explaining how this differs from the way that humans have moved from hunter/gatherers to farmers, you can teach your kids why it is not the best idea to feed your dog the same foods that they eat.

Many kids, and some adults, need help understanding fractions and other types of math such as measuring. By getting the whole family involved in making and modifying grain free dog treat recipes you can help teach your kids how halving a recipe will affect the ingredients and how the proportions of a recipe are important to the outcome of the treats. This means that making treats for your dog, or even cooking family meals, can be helping the kids with their math homework as well as teaching them kitchen safety and other valuable life skills.

A lot of grain free Dog training recipes will be baked to help them be crunchy and not as much to ensure that the ingredients are cooked to a safe temperature. This is because the temperature range for dog safe food is different than that of humans and also because sometimes you can find a recipe which does not call for anything that will need to be cooked. These differences can be important ones to teach your kids as you can tell them that you need to bake the treats so that they will harden or that they need to be baked to get rid of anything that could hurt your dog. This can lead to a discussion about nutrition or even about the different states of matter because cooking is as much about chemistry as it is about nutrition.

Many people will look at making dog treats as a waste of time because they can go to their local pet store and purchase them. But by looking at the act of making treats as a fun and educational family activity you can enjoy it as much as your dog will. By making your own treats you can also make them different shapes and colors than you would find in stores and let your creativity take control.

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