Economic Goals and Values

The Differences Between Canada and Uganda

The Importance of Achieving Economic Goals in General:

The aspect of achieving economic goals deems substantial for any country, especially during times of need or promoting the fact that the country is stable. Among the goals, the push for growth and innovation presents itself as one of the most common goals made in the economy. With the ever changing world, the people, businesses, and other aspects of the economy must evolve or attempt to evolve along with it. Taking this into consideration, achieving this goal will result in different results in different parts of the world. Canada and Uganda possess two completely different economies and as a result, achieving these economic goals would present different results for each country.

What do Canada and Uganda do to Promote Their Economy?

How these Economic Goals Would Influence Canada

Canada is quite individualized compared to the other countries of the world and as a result, have created their own economy. Their management of public finances have aided in keeping the size of the government under control which deems difficult for most other countries. By doing so, economic freedom deems a large role in Canada when it comes to the population's everyday life. When the other economic goals and values come into play, Canada possesses the opportunity to become a world superpower. If Canada were to take even more advantage of their coastline, their seafood industry would definitely improve upon the current ranking of 8th largest in the world. This would also result in more job opportunities which would lead into other sub-categories with the roles of the consumers.
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Economic equity in Canada seems pretty fair. Due to the fact that Canada has the access to pretty independent aspects of economy. Since every working person of Canada does their part, the pay is reasonable enough that they have the economy that they do. But, if they were to obtain the true goals they possess for their pay equity, than the outcomes are quite endless; there would be more room for job opportunities as well as extra money that the laborers could use for their personal liking.

How these Economic Goals Would Influence Uganda

The troubled history of Uganda definitely takes a toll on why the economy is struggling as much as it is to this very day. Events such as the ones that took place during the Amin period heavily influenced the overall performance of the economy. Knowing this information, current power holder, Museveni, is taking the correct steps in order to obtain a more efficient economy. Obtaining any of the economic goals and values would positively effect Uganda's economy, as well as population relations. If Uganda were to use the abundant natural resources to their advantage, this event alone would aid in the promotion of the economy. Once this goal would be obtained, the pay equity would go along with it. The result of obtaining this goal would be vast in the sense that more job opportunities would appear which means less of the population in poverty.
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Due to the fact that the economy is still in a decline, at this point economic freedom isn't highly promoted. in the future, if this aspect was to be obtained, the economy of Uganda would possess so many different levels other than just agricultural distribution. As the freedom would become more normal, the growth and innovation that would occur would aid in setting Uganda apart from other impoverished countries. In conclusion, Uganda possesses all the necessities to embark on improving their economy and when they do, there will be nothing but positive outcomes.