Weekly Newsletter

May 23rd-May 27th

Language Arts-Reading

Reading Focus:

  • We will be continuing our unit: People who make a difference
  • Focus people for this week: Jane Goodall
  • We will focusing on finding the main idea of the entire passage as well as each the main idea for each paragraph. We want students to understand the difference between the topic and the main idea.
  • For example, topic of the passage is Jane Goodall. Main idea of the passage is Jane Goodall did many great things throughout her life. Main idea of paragraph two is Jane Goodall grew up and went to school in England.

Language Arts-Skill

  • This week we will be focusing on reflexive pronouns (herself, himself, ourselves, etc.)
  • Students will need to be able to identify the subject and the reflexive pronoun in the sentence.
  • For example: Michelle read the book to herself quietly. The subject is Michelle (who the sentence is about) and the reflexive pronoun is herself (referring to Michelle)


This Week:

  • We will be reviewing our phonics patterns for the year.
  • Remember...If your child needs extra practice, there are lots of resources on our website.


  • We will be starting our new unit on foundations of multiplication.
  • Focus for this week: creating arrays
  • Make sure you are looking for the Symbaloo on the 2nd grade website if your student needs additional practice.

Other Important Dates

We have lots of important dates coming up:
  • June 10th-Volunteer Breakfast (small presentation to follow, in class)
  • June: Talent Show (date to scheduled soon)
  • June: Field Day (date to scheduled soon)
  • June 22nd: Last Day of School

Open House

Thank you so much to everyone that was able to come celebrate all of the learning that has been going on in Room 304. We loved seeing all of the smiling faces that were so proud to share their hard work. We are so proud of them!