Title here-include school name

Catchy subtitle... include verbiage about info included

The Look and the Content

  • Make sure your background and font are friendly and appropriate.
  • Be careful not to make things too busy looking or too long.
  • One a week or every other week is about the right frequency.
  • Determine what your 3-4 consistent features will be.

-Welcome/Introduction to HOS-staff

- Important events to look forward to

- What You Need to Know Right Now

- Where to go for help (school/tech/materials/etc)

- Fun feature(s) for students (consider K-2/3-5/6-8/HS)

- Contact information and when to expect the next edition

Grilled Bologna and Cheese

Catchy titles are important.
Consider using the newsletter as a place to introduce logos, graphics or terms and acronyms that you'd like your families to get used to seeing and identifying.
You might consider including a short, easy glossary of terms!

Videos Get LOTS of Attention

The Lion King - Circle of Life acapella arrangement!

Newsletter Flier settings

Read the flier settings carefully and be sure that they are doing what you want them to do. You can always change them later, but be carefully not to confuse your newbies with too much info now.

Use the About Us Part

But don't put any contact info that it won't be ok for them to use. -- -Phones WILL begin to ring, so be judicious!