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Last week presented new challenges and valuable opportunities for our staff. We remain grateful for all of you that always put our kids first and come in each day with a "growth mindset" to improve on their behalf. We hope that you had a positive experience with our Blackboard PD sessions, and we express our gratitude once again for our teacher leaders that gave their time and energy to support our staff!

This week features PSAT testing for our students on Wednesday. This assessment is more important than ever for our students, as it can be used to satisfy the testing requirement for graduation outlined by the NJDOE for our students in grades 10-12. Thank you in advance for the support you will all provide in helping create an optimal testing environment for our students on Wednesday.

Our plan is to share this bulletin each week, and we could use your help. If you have information you'd like shared as part of this bulletin, please consider emailing

wthsbulletin@wtps.org the information you'd like included. It's never too soon or too late to share ideas or information, since the goal is to make this a weekly sharing platform.

Share anything positive - births or birthdays, personal accomplishments or accomplishments of colleagues or departments, or even individual lessons or contacts with students that we can be proud of.

Let's make it a great year together!

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Some positive feedback worth sharing from Wednesday's Blackboard PD sessions...

Very good session for beginners!

Presenters were awesome. More time to work with coworkers, while having the trainers available for guidance.

Very helpful

Presenter was fantastic...very informative.

Great start to helping me understand the capabilities of Blackboard and when I might use it over Schoolwires.

I was in the "Newbies" workshop which was great, but now I would like to learn what was offered in the other workshops as well.

Kristin Meares was great. She explained everything and guided us through what we needed in order to begin using Blackboard

Sara Simpson did a great job.

Helpful and gave me an opportunity to have personal questions answered and create things on my blackboard that I couldn't do before.

The presenter explained each process with great detail and patience.

I completed the beginner course. I wonder if there will be additional time for those who want to take more advanced levels to do so.

I would like to have additional time so we can try out things with the trainer in the room in case we have any issues.

Overall it went pretty well. Brett was very informative and helpful.

Simone was excellent!

I found it useful because the presenter allowed time to focus on our needs.

It was nice to have individualized instruction based on the level of knowledge of the Blackboard program. It was also nice to have someone we know present the program to us so we can apply it to our everyday classroom use.

I feel like I am no longer a "newbie." looking forward to more training

I learned a lot from my workshop on creating assessments. It was definitely useful to see how to create tests and assignments. The instructor showed many ways to change the settings and formatting for viewing the assignments, which was extremely beneficial.

I learned a few new tricks ;)

Kristen Meares addressed important parts of the blackboard that took me a step beyond my previous training. She gave individual attention to those who felt they knew less or more.

The Blackboard for Newbies workshop was a nice introduction to the program. However, I still don't feel completely prepared to use Blackboard in class. I would really appreciate more time in training so that I can learn about the possibilities that Blackboard has to offer now that I can log in and access my classes.

Brittany Mason is a wonderful presenter!

I attended Brett Eppolite's workshop on Blackboard Assessments. I have implemented some of the information he shared. I liked that we could work on an actual assessment during the workshop.

Brett was very helpful and showed us worthwhile features that will enhance my ability to use the software effectively.

It was great that I was able to have tailored instruction to what I want and need. I was shown tools that I am ready to use when I was ready to use them instead of sitting through material that I either already know or that is an abstraction at near. Placing myself made the workshop have takeaways and value.

It was a great for learning; however, it was not enough time for DOING. We need time to actually process what was taught and then implement it in our classroom. THIS TAKES TIME. (let me be clear - school time, not home time, sleep time, volunteer time, etc.) I would love to just have a day of school time to work on implementing technology in MY classroom with MY materials.

Brittany Mason was excellent and was able to address most if not all of our questions and concerns during the session. I am more confident in doing group work on BB

It was great to have some time to work during the session so the presenter could troubleshoot one on one with everyone!

I would've preferred the opportunity to attend both the first and second sessions, stepping up to a higher level in the second. I felt as though it gave me a basic understanding of what might be possible but did not build enough confidence that I am able or willing to shift over from my current use of Edmodo. I like the consistency of using blackboard because I feel it would be good to have one place for students to go for all of their classes. However, I have also spoken to my students and (although I have not been fully able to assess their reasons or if they are just reluctant to try something new), the majority of my students feel that Edmodo is easier to use. At this point, I suspect Blackboard is more versatile but I have not used it enough to confirm that.

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Congratulations to Mrs. Cotton, who recently celebrated the marriage of her son Tom (Class of 2006) to his wife Martha.

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ALso shown here are the Cotton boys - brothers by birth, friends by choice...Mike (Class of 2008), Tom (Class of 2006) and Joey (Class of 2013)

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Special Thanks to all the staff that supported our "Pink Game" fundraiser to honor Mr. Walls. Shown here are members of our amazing counseling staff!

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Mr. Walls spoke at the football game with Jeff and Aiden by his side. You are a true inspiration to us all, Dave!

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Congratulations to Toni Silvestri (Grandmother) and Shera Jahn (Aunt), who celebrated the birth of baby Santino, born weighing 8 lbs. 5 oz. on October 10th to Brian Raymond (Class of 2006) and his wife, Angela.

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thank you to Andi Stott for her outstanding work in keeping our TV's (in hallways and cafeterias) up-to-date with valuable info for our staff and students!

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A shout out to the staff members that have already committed to joining us to help chaperone our homecoming dance on 10/29.

Alex McBride

Andi Stott

Angela Bacher

Carol Costello

Christine Bochanski

Deanna Ettore

Donna Savill

Emily Ruoff

Greg Muscelli

Jenny Kerfoot

Judy Nelson

Karen LaRosa

Karin Carpenter

Lauren Chihoski

Lauren Jackson

Lindsay Radziak

Marty Bouchard

Melissa Leskie

Natalie Taylor

Rosemarie Armstrong

Shera Jahn

Sheryl Wescott

Tanya Brown-Johnson

Trish Pinder

If you are interested in joining us in a night of fun with our students, please contact Ms. Mason or Ms. Molloy. Your students will love seeing you there, and we could use your help!

Congratulations to Josh Hanlon, who will be inducted into the McDaniel College Sports Hall of Fame this weekend. Two Time All American Lacrosse Player!

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Have you tried any of these tech tools? If so, we'd love to hear how they've helped you and why your colleagues should consider using them! Feel free to share any to add to this list. Staff comments are archived in previous bulletins.

  • ActivelyLearn
  • Blackboard
  • Doodle
  • Edpuzzle
  • Glogster
  • Google Docs and Google Drive
  • GrammarFlip
  • Instagram
  • Kahoot!
  • Khan Academy
  • Naviance
  • Nearpod
  • Padlet
  • Powtoon
  • Prezi
  • QR Codes
  • Quizlet
  • Remind
  • Screencast-o-matic
  • Signup Genius
  • Socrative
  • Ted-Ed
  • Twitter
  • Vocab.Com
  • Wordle


  • PSAT Testing is Wednesday. Be sure to review your assignment for test administration. We have a revised bell schedule on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • SGO's are due to your Administrative Liaison no later than 10/20.
  • New procedures for In-District, Professional Days are shown below...
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Ann Moore, Executive Principal

Steve Selby, 9/10 Executive Assistant Principal

Jonathan Strout, 11/12 Executive Assistant Principal

Steve Cordner, 11th Grade Assistant Principal

Angela Costello, 9th Grade Assistant Principal

Jennifer Grimaldi, Director of School Counseling

Kevin Murphy, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Rich O'Neill, 12th Grade Assistant Principal

John Saverase, 10th Grade Assistant Principal