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December 5, 2022 - December 9, 2022

Principal's Message

Dear Families,

We had yet another exciting week at RVES.....

Our Kindergarten, First and Second Grade students performed "A Sip of Cocoa and a Song" and The Choraleers performed at the Fort Mill Tree Lighting and also in the Fort Mill Christmas Parade.

Students will be completing the district STAR Reading and Math Tests December 5th - 16th.

Have a great week!

Rockets Let's Soar,

Ms. Darleen Romenick, Principal

Ms. Lisa Lucas, Assistant Principal

Mr. Scott Sinclair, Assistant Principal

Upcoming Dates and Events

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Student cell phones should be kept in a book bag. Electronic devices, including cell phones, must be turned off during the school day and while on the school grounds. A cell phone may not be used during the day to play games or to text message. The student may not use a cell phone to call or text a parent during the school day without a teacher’s permission. This includes devices like smartwatches or electronic communication devices that serve as telephones.

If a student has a smart watch and is only using the basic watch features while at school, it is fine to have and wear. Students should not use the watch features that make it function like a phone, such as calling, texting, using apps, or playing games. If this is happening, the teacher can ask the student to put the device away in their book bag or confiscate it and contact the parent. We want to minimize distractions and maximize engagement in our school environment.

As noted in School Board Policy JICJ, the school principal or his/her designee will have the authority to limit the use, take disciplinary action and/or confiscate electronic communication devices if the use or possession of these devices may cause or is causing a disruption to the school and/or event. Unauthorized use of a cell phone or personal electronic device may include, but is not limited to, taking pictures or recording without permission, cheating, harassment or bullying, use during any emergency drill, use during unauthorized time or use for unlawful activities.

The use of e-readers may be permitted under the supervision of the teacher. It is a privilege for students to use their personal electronic device at school, and this privilege can be taken away if students act irresponsibly or violate school policy.

Become a Substitute Teacher!

CLICK HERE to apply today!

The Fort Mill School District, is always looking for qualified substitutes to fill in for our teachers and staff when they can't be here. If you have a passion for working with students, we encourage you to apply on our website to be a substitute in our fast-growing district. Complete the application, submit 2 references, and pass a background check. Once the application process is completed and screened, qualified candidates will be invited to attend a 1 day mandatory training class at our district office to learn our processes and helpful tips to use in the classroom. Substitutes are required to work a minimum of 3 days a month to remain active in our system. Substitutes are part-time intermittent employees and have no contract with Fort Mill School District. Employment is on a day-to-day basis.

If you have a teaching certificate and are interested in being a Long Term Substitute, you may contact our Substitute Coordinator, Shari Hartley at or apply by clicking on the link above.

Please feel free to contact Shari Hartley, Substitute Coordinator, if you have questions.

Upcoming Substitute Trainings:

January 24

March 14

April 18

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Mrs. Owens' and Mrs. Hahn's Class Read The Night Before Thanksgiving and Made Thankful Turkeys

A beautiful FLYERS creation!

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"Star-Buck" Store

We need your help.... Please help donate prizes for our school store. We are looking for small prizes such as; pop its, slime, crayons, markers, posters, hair bows. Please no food items.

Rockin' Mental Health from Mrs. Jaworski

Hello! My name is Kelly Jaworski, and I am a licensed clinical social worker and serve as the mental health counselor here at the wonderful Riverview Elementary School. I am available to provide mental health counseling services to any student at RVES. Should you want further information please contact your child's school counselor.

Thanks again!

Kelly C. Jaworski LISW-CP, MSW

Spacey Speech Tips from our Amazing Speech Therapists

Doing this will help you understand the message better, instead of automatically forming your own speech before you’ve heard the full context. By understanding the whole message, you’ll also get to provide a better-quality response when it’s your time to speak.

Outer Space Occupational Therapy Tips

If your child struggles with spacing between words when copying or writing sentences, instruct them to use their pinky finger as a spacer and have them put it down next to the last word they wrote. Instruct them to write the next word after their pinky. You can use a popsicle stick and make a face on it and call it a spaceman. Other tips include putting a sticker in between every word and having them read the word "space" out loud after every word they have written. This will reinforce the importance of spacing and, if your child develops good spacing, it will improve their overall legibility. I have also used small edibles such as raisins, or M&M candies to check my students spaces after they write or copy a sentence. Have them read the sentence and place an edible in between the words they correctly left spaces in….With the reward of spacing being able to enjoy the edibles the earned.

Out of this universe ESOL tips....

Here are some activities to encourage reading, writing, and speaking while creating holiday memories:

STELLAR....ELA News from Ms. DeMeio

The winter holidays are a great time to create low-key learning opportunities centered around books, storytelling, writing, and family adventures.

Moon Math Games from Mrs. Gaither & Mrs. Segarra


Make it Routine: Through the Bedtime Math program, parents can build Math into their nightly routine with a question of the day, as well as print off activity pages for practice.

Mrs. Sturgis' Resource Stack

Please click the link below to access some amazing resources from our school psychologist, Mrs. Sturgis' website.
Nurse McLelland's Monthly News

Click here to read the latest nurse news.

Huntington Learning Center

At Huntington Learning Center - Fort Mill, we offer children, ages 5 to 17, tutoring in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Study Skills, Phonics, Vocabulary, Science, and SAT and ACT Preparation. Our individualized instruction is developed from comprehensive academic evaluations completed at the center. We are committed to the success of each student through this personalized instruction with our certified teachers. Each program is uniquely designed to develop the skills, confidence, and motivation for the student.

Huntington Learning Center – Fort Mill is unique; we are family-owned and operated. Jewel Wiesinger, Executive Director, brings her educational expertise after many years in the school system as a school psychologist and over 6 years at our existing center in Weddington, NC. Emily Brooks, Center Director, brings many years of educational experience to our franchise, including her time as Assistant Director of the Weddington center.

Jewel Wiesinger

Executive Director

Huntington Learning Center – Weddington & Fort Mill


Mobile Business Line: 980-758-4346

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RVES PTO Website

click above

PTO Fact Sheet

Click above.

Teacher Snack Cart Donations

We are looking for snack and beverage donations to stock a snack cart for our teachers and staff. This is a HUGE help for us to support the teachers and staff as they work hard throughout the day. Any item is appreciated!

Transportation Changes

Parents are encouraged to have a consistent mode of transportation for their child to eliminate confusion and the potential for a child going home the incorrect way. However, we realize that there are times when a transportation change needs to be made. We prefer all changes in writing via email.

In the event you need to change your child's transportation, please send an email to the child’s teacher and to our receptionist, Ms. Storms at All changes must be made by 1:30pm. Students will be sent home their usual way if no communication has been received from the parents.

OPT out Snack

Click here if you DO NOT want your child to buy a snack in the cafeteria.

FLYERS Afterschool Program

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Bus Information

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Riverview Elementary School

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