Definition... bullying

The concept refers to bullying and all forms of physical, verbal or psychological abuse that occurs between school, repeatedly and over time.

Bullying at school

Bullying physical or psychological harassment fellow.

Bullying when he was not afraid tried.

Bullying It is a word from the Dutch word for harassment.

The bullying

Bullying is present in almost anywhere, is not exclusive to any sector of society or about sex, although the profile of the aggressor itself predominance in males can be seen. There are no differences with regard to the victims.

The aggressor harasses the victim when alone, in bathrooms, in the hallways, in the dining room, on the patio. For this reason, many times teachers nor are aware.

Justice always prevails, until the victim finds the courage to rebel against it.

  • Acoso directo.
  • Acoso indirecto.
  • Bullying Físico
  • Bullying Verbal
  • Bullying Psicológico
  • Bullying Sexual
  • Bullying Social