Friend or Foe?

Why Did Immigrants Come to America?

Many immigrants first came to America in the colonial era in the 19th century. Immigrants came to seek economic and educational purposes for them and their families. Also, immigrants such as pilgrims first came to America seeking religious freedom ("U.S. Immigration Before 1965").

How Does Illegal Immigration Hurt the Economy? How Does it Help?

Illegal immigration hurts the economy because when they receive a job they are taking away an oppertunity from someone else who is actually a citizen to work. Immigration helps the economy because when they are here they will need somewhere to stay, as in a home, and something to eat. This gives more money to industries for the necessities of living such as water, toothpaste, and other hygiene products. It also gives money to businesses because they need something to eat and drink therefore they have to pay or get it somehow ("How Does Illegal...Economy").