Courtney Bryant May 3,1999

"why walk alone when you can walk with god?"


I live in Lugoff. I have 1 younger brother and 1 older sister. My mom influences me the most because if I want something and she tells me she cant get it she still tries to do it for me, also she helps me with everything and I can tell her everything. I live with both my parents and my brother and sister. My brother, sister and I were all born in the same hospital. I have 11 cousins and the youngest one is 7. My best friend is Haley.


happy- because im always happy.

hardworking- because I always do my work and its always turned in on time.

after school activities/ hobbies

after school I like to do my homework, play with my dogs, & hangout with friends also when its warm outside I like to swim.

future/ 2020 goal

in the future I want to be in college to become a vet. My goal for 2020 is to be in college.