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World Cup 2016

World Tour: The Trip Home

Friday, the Kindergartners had an exciting homecoming as they shared their travel journals and suitcases full of projects with family and friends. This week, we completed our papier mache globes by adding oceans and continents. We also flew home from Antarctica just in time for the World Cup Soccer Tournament. The blue, red, and green teams were all in and played their hearts out for the sold-out grandstands. Thank you for joining us for the festivities!

Homecoming Celebration

How-To Writing Celebration

Last week, we concluded our unit on Informational or How-to writing, so this week, we celebrated! During our classroom writing celebrations, each child read his/her books to invited guests. The students had worked hard to edit and publish one or two of their books and were very excited to share. We had a wide variety of topics, including everything from How to Do a Cartwheel to How to Brush Your Teeth. Kindergarten is very lucky to have so many amazing authors! During our next unit, students will learn how to share and support their points of view in "Opinion Writing."

May Authors' Celebration

Upcoming Dates and Reminders

  • 5/9 - Teacher In-Service Day, no school
  • 5/20 - Field Trip to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
  • 5/20 - Last day of Enrichment classes