Digital Citizenship Project

Maverick W period 3

Digital Etiquette Rule #1: Think before you post!

Before you post anything online you think before you post it.

Information Privacy Rule #2 Think what information you want online !

Think about what they need for your information.

Social Networking Rule #3 Think about who you want as your friends.

Only accept your friends to you special occasion.

Online Safety Rule#4 Use fake names for accounts.

Don't use anything near your name.

Cyber bulling Rule#5 Don't be a cyber bully

Cyber bullying causes online threats.

Plagiarism Rule#6 Use quotes !

Quotes show that you got it from a article so you didn't make it up yourself.

Copy right Rule#7 Ask the owners for permission to use there work.

You have to ask the owner, for you to get his/her work.

Questions and Answers.

1. What is a digital citizenship?

A digital citizenship is online rules that the internet has.

2. Why is it necessary for everyone understand digital citizenship?

People need to learn digital citizenship because some of the digital citizenship rules can hurt others feelings and ruin others lives.