Grading Clerk

Window REOPENED for teachers to Post their own grades.

The grading Window is open and you want the teacher to update their own grades, post and finalize.

The majority of campuses require teachers to finalize. Grades MUST be unfinalized if you want the teacher to repost their own grades.

To Unfinalize course/sections:

  1. Go to Campus Gradebook Post

  2. Select the Grade Type (grading cycle)

  3. Click Load Sections

  4. Click on the ‘Finalized Sections’ radio button

  5. In the ‘Teacher Name’ field, type in the last name of the teacher and select the correct name from the list.

  6. Check every section that needs to be unfinalized.

  7. Click Unfinalize. The sections must be unfinalized prior to reposting.