About Invasive species!

by: Annaliese

My question!

How might an invasive species affect the enviorment around us?

How do the invasive species get here?

Invasive species get here mostly by humans. Some of them are moved by ships, planters, pet traders and more. Invasive species can come from every where. How the ships take the invasive species from the water is if the animal or species holds on to the boat or gets caught in their tank, and get pulled to other places with the boat. They can get transported from planes, trains, vehicle equipment also. They can affect the space around them when they are travelling to place to place by either poisoning the spot or animals, and by eating some of the animals there. The invasive species are a threat to biodiversity.
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Invasive species and what they do to their space.

Invasive species belong in their environment but when they come to our environment in Canada they can damage and destroy the environment by... wrecking the food chain that we have in the water, land, meadows everywhere. They either go up to the top of the food chain and eat a animal so much they become extinct, or they could go to the bottom of the food chain and make there species extinct. They are very dangerous.

Invasive species harm our health.

Invasive species are the second biggest threat to our biodiversity. They can harm or even cause death for humans, animals, and even a whole specie. Invasive species come in and usually if there is another specie that wants the same food as them they fight for it. This can cause the other specie to either not win and lose their source of food. Invasive species can carry diseases and spread a virus to other living things. For example Mosquitos carry a disease called the West Nile virus (is very harmful.). They can wreck biodiversity.
Invasive species are a harm to anything they can live anywhere. They can come in to other places and they take other species habitats. They reproduce quicker then some animals and takes over areas. Invasive species cause a reduce in land and water. Animals all around Canada are suffering because of these invasive species.
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Our environment

These Invasive species can effect the environment in so many ways...

  • The food chain and wrecking that puzzle piece of biodiversity.
  • Competing for the supplies and land.
  • They carry diseases that spread to other animals- then to other species- then after a while they come to us. ( they could be deadly.)

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