Mrs. Platz's Class Newsletter

January 29, 2016

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Looking Ahead

  • Fri. 2/5/16 Data Notebooks coming home

Next Week

Monday - E - Art

Tuesday - A- PE

Wednesday - B - Library

Thursday - C - Music

Friday - D - PE

Your First Grader Has Been Working On...

  • previewing a nonfiction text.
  • asking questions as he/she reads.
  • identifying new information he/she has learned.
  • thinking about and writing facts they have learned about penguins.
  • writing and reading words with r-controlled vowels: er, ir, ur.
  • comparing two numbers using greater than, less than, or an equal sign.
  • comparing and writing two-digit numbers that are greater than or less than other two-digit numbers.
  • making sense of a problem and finding the best way to solve it.
  • showing what we know on our Topic 9 Envision assessment.
  • learning about our Star of the Week, Gavin!
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Spelling Words

Next week's spelling words are:

train, way, tail, play, day, may, rain, gray, mail, afraid, away, say, who, have, stop

You can practice these words at

Homework packets are coming home on Monday. They will be due the following Monday, February 8th. The packets may be turned in earlier, if needed. All students completing work, earn pirate coins and Dojo points for their table!

Students have a written assignment in their packet this week. Please work on having your child write neatly and add a picture to the top. This week, students will be writing about if they were a teacher, what they would do! I can't wait to read about what they would do in their classroom!

Please continue to have your student write down books on their 100+ book log. Book logs are checked on Fridays. Students who do not have books written on their logs will be reading during their morning work time on Friday. For our morning work on Friday, students have the opportunity to have some free time working on various activities (pattern blocks, puzzles, building sets, play dough, drawing). These activities are only available if the student has written new books on their book log. Students should have at least 4 or more books/chapters written down each week. Remember, if your child is reading a book for Reading Improvement homework, these books can be written down on their book log!

Data Notebooks

Your student will be bringing home their Data Notebooks on Friday, the 5th. We ask that you return the notebook the following Monday, February 8th. Have your student share with you their goal for the quarter and how they are doing with reaching that goal. A reflection sheet will be in the notebook to direct you to certain areas of your child's notebook. It will also ask you to share ways you and your child can work together to reach their goals for each quarter. Please make sure to keep all work in your child's notebook. We will continue to add content to it through out the rest of the year.

A.R. Accelerated Reader

Another option has been added for students to practice with reading and checking of their comprehension. Our class has been introduced to A.R. (Accelerated Reader). Students have been encouraged to look for library books that are good fit books on our library day. These books can be read and then students can log on to the AR website and take a comprehension quiz. The AR program has unlimited titles in its library. If your child comes home with a library book that has AR on the spine, a quiz is available for them to take. Students earn points for books that they take a quiz over. My plan is to begin setting goals with students, on the number of points they might be able to achieve in a certain time period. Some students have already added this to their goal. Our main goal is for students to read a lot of books, and to read a lot of minutes each day. The more a child reads, the more success they will have in acquiring essential reading and comprehension skills.
Partner Reading
Waddle Like a Penguin

Mrs. Platz

Have a great weekend!