Yarelly Tinoco

My Goals

My Academic Goal

My academic goal is to get a good degree so I can have a good job when I am older .

My Athletic Goal

I want to be a professional Soccer player when I am older because I like playing soccer. Or at least play soccer just for fun

My Personal Goals

One of my personal goal would be to get a good job that pays me very well. Another goal would be to graduate from a good College.


My 5th Grade teacher she was my friend her name was Mrs.Resendiz she was very nice and fun.


My Mom Nayelly

My Dad Alonso

And my cousin Alexa


  • Andrea
  • Jackie
  • Miranda
  • Eleanore
  • Kristen
  • Esteban

School Obstacle

I need to learn how to stop being shy during class when I need to talk. For example during debates I talk twice but it is supposed to be three times.

Financial Obstacles

If I don't get a scholarship I will have to pay a lot of Momey my parents and I might not be able to afford it.


  • I need to have a positive attitude
  • Never give up
  • Keep my grades steady

Family Obstacles

I might have to take care of my parents and grandma .

I need to have a job so I could pay for food.

Physical Obstacles

I am short and not the strongest person I might not be able to play soccer because I am not excellent player.

Education/Training plan

My plan is to graduate from a good college and be successful in life. For example

  • Have a good job
  • Have my own house
  • Be able to take care of my parents and loved ones.

Plan for needed skills

I will need money to pay for college. Be able to get good grades like A's and B's. Enter sports for fun. Have an after school job. For example tutoring kids. And having a study group.

Plan for study and practice

  • I can be prepared for any test that we are going to take.
  • Have a study group
  • Keep my grades A's and B's


  • Textbooks
  • Teacher
  • Relatives