By Nick Wood

The beggining

March 23 my fourth birthday my dad takes me somewhere that I don’t know of. I am wondering what’s going on right now, I was so confused. Don’t let your dad take you anywhere unless he tells you where you’re going. But when we got to the town and country fields I knew what was going on, tryouts. What a great birthday present.

How i am an expert

The first game I sat the whole game but at the end of the game the short stop made an error and the coach pulled him out and put me in. I was scared, but I was thinking how hard it could be. That was the beginning of my short stop career and that’s the only position I have played until now.

another reason i am an expert

World Series in Omaha, Nebraska I was playing short and I was thinking nothing getting by me and what happens, nothing gets by me. Another thing I’m good at is hitting and the best part of baseball is hitting. Cause when u get a good hit your running around the bases and you feel like you’re running around the world and you can’t see everything.

now what i feel about the topic

I think now that I’m glad that my dad started my life career on baseball. Now I think that there is way more people that is an expert at baseball than me. When I play baseball now I feel like I need to do something good or I will be kicked off the team. Now I think that baseball
Justin Bieber FAILS At Throwing Baseball!

how embarissing...

this is how i looked when i first started playing baseball