Non Emergency Incident Response

Problem Based Learning Exercise

Vehicle Stop

You and a partner stop a car for speeding in a school zone. The area is busy with pedestrian and vehicular traffic. As the car is pulling over the rear passengers rustle around trying to fasten their seatbelts. The windows are down and you can hear agitated voices as you approach the vehicle. The front passenger loudly complains to the other passengers in the car about racial profiling. You notice that all occupants of the vehicle are from the same minority ethnic group. Many pedestrians have stopped to watch the event. The driver produces identification upon request, but the passengers are argumentative and refuse to identify themselves.

What are the possible outcomes?

Do you issue a ticket or a verbal or written warning?

Do you make arrests?

What are the issues? What are the known facts?

What are the best possible solutions to deal with the situation?

What are the Learning Issues?

Racial profiling

Resources to solve problem

How do you solve the problem and what is the rationale for each decision


The trainee will learn to solve a real life problem by considering a variety of facts and issues