Hawks Happenings

December 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Break!

Even though this is the December parent newsletter, I would like to send it out over Thanksgiving break since there is some information that you may find helpful now. I hope you all have a wonderful break full of fun, family and lots of food!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Thanksgiving Holiday meal today. Unfortunately, I was not able to take pictures this year but I would love to have some! If you took pictures, please feel free to email those to me at heidi.allison@bcsemail.org.

As you may know, we did not meet our PBIS goal of earning 800 Hawks High Fives by November 17th so we can attend the UNCA Education Day event on December 3. After the break, I will meet with our Student Lighthouse Team to revise this goal and create a new goal for our 1st semester PBIS reward. Since our first semester technically doesn't end until January 22nd, we have time to plan a great event that our students will enjoy!

I appreciate your continued support as we work to meet your child's needs in a safe, fun and engaging environment. Happy Thanksgiving!

-Heidi Allison

Attitude of Gratitude - Third graders used their best penmanship to write what they were thankful for!

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Be prepared for Winter Weather!

Every effort is made to make a timely decision with regards to the closing of schools due to inclement weather. Our goal is to make a determination before 6 a.m. However, the geographic diversity of our county, coupled with weather unpredictability, does not always allow this to occur. The safety of our students and employees remains the highest priority in the decision-making process and is never compromised.

Information regarding school closings is available through multiple sources.

These include:

• Local media outlets (television and radio);

• The school district website (buncombeschools.org);

• The BCS weather information hotline (English): 828-255-5939;

• The BCS weather information hotline (Spanish): 828-255-5948;

• Social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram);

Download the BCS app from the Android or Apple store for push notifications;

• Our BCS notification system (telephone, text, and email) via SchoolMessenger.

As you are probably aware, SchoolMessenger is fully customizable by employees and parents. To receive timely notifications in the manner you prefer, please utilize the School Messenger Dashboard (http://bit.ly/BCSNotifications). Simply use your work email to sign up. We highly recommend 'opting in' to receive text messages via this dashboard. Texts are the fastest notification method.

In the event that closings occur once the school day has begun, efforts will be made to announce the dismissal in terms of how many hours schools will dismiss early. For example, “BCS will dismiss 2 hours early.” This will allow for staggered bus dismissal times.

There are a variety of announcements that may be made due to inclement weather delays and cancellations. These include:

DELAYED OPENING: Most school delays will be for two (2) hours. Our main doors open on a two hour delay and we still serve breakfast. There is no Walk and Talk. Students may go to their classrooms or to the cafeteria for breakfast when they arrive at 9:15. A three (3) hour delay is also an option. Our doors open at 10:15 and we do NOT serve breakfast since lunch service starts quickly. There is no Walk and Talk. Students will report to their classrooms when they arrive at 10:15.


The Buncombe County School System has devised a plan to open and close schools on a district-by-district basis when circumstances warrant such a decision. If more than two of the six districts are closed, the entire school system will close. Weaverville Elementary is in the North Buncombe District.

MAKE UP DAYS: Student days will be made up as soon as possible. Be aware that Saturdays may be utilized for student days, if necessary. Revised calendars will be posted on the Buncombe County Schools website.

Again, the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority.

Some of our student headphones need to be replaced. If you can donate a new set of headphones (not earbuds), that would be very helpful!

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NC Check-Ins for Third and Fourth Grade Students

Our third and fourth grade students recently participated in the NC Check-In which is a short EOG type assessment that is used to provide feedback about instruction and student learning. Fourth grade students took an English Language Arts assessment one day and then both Third and Fourth grade students participated in the Math assessment on another day. The Check-Ins are shorter than EOGs in both time and number of questions. The assessments are not factored into your child's grade and you will not get a score report sent home. Our teachers and students are able to use the assessment questions for the next five weeks as review and follow up in the classroom to clarify any misconceptions. We will be holding a makeup day for the NC Check-Ins once we return from Thanksgiving break. I am excited for us to be able to use this student performance data as a way to ensure we are providing quality instruction and intervening for students as needed. We will also complete a Check-In during the months of January/February (will be completed online) and March/April (will be paper/pencil again). Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this process.

Make sure you have signed up for Ready Rosie!

ReadyRosie is an early education tool that helps families, schools and communities across the nation deepen and scale their family engagement efforts. Our tools leverage the power of video modeling, family workshops, professional development opportunities, and mobile technology to build powerful partnerships between families and educators resulting in Ready Families, Ready Educators, Ready Children.
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We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Jennifer Shelton will be returning to our school team soon. She will be Mrs. Huff's interim when Mrs. Huff is out on maternity leave. Mrs. Huff is expecting a baby boy in January!

An opportunity to help others...

Mrs. Hamilton has organized a collection of unwanted shoes to support Operation Give Hope. This organization will receive a monetary donation for each pair collected. This organization supports two schools in Mombasa, Kenya and provides education, food and some limited health care to children who are in need. Clean out you closets and help make a difference for schools in Mombasa, Kenya!

You can drop off shoes to the main office! Mrs. Hamilton and her family will be collecting shoes through the end of the year. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Hamilton at karen.hamilton@bcsemail.org.

Living the Habits at Home

We always want to recognize our students for living the habits at home!

Here is a submission form that you can complete to tell us what your child does to live the habits outside of school. Here is that link: http://www.jotform.us/form/61263570227149

Gift collection for the St. Nicholas Project

We are currently accepting unwrapped, new toys to support the St. Nicholas Project. You can learn more about this community service by following this link: www.eblencharities.org/explore-our-work/saint-nicholas-project. If you would like to donate, please send your items to the front office. Thank you!

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Our Student Lighthouse Team met with Mr. Buckley recently. They are planning a skit for our November PBIS assembly and then they will start working on their Legacy Project!

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Did you know that Lindsey Kemp and Marci Brigman are your parent representatives on the WvES School Improvement Team? These representatives share information at our meetings from a parent and child perspective. Our monthly PBIS assemblies were started due to recommendations from these team members and we value their feedback! Thank you to these team members for working alongside us to make our school even better! Last year's parent representatives were very excited about bring the Dancing Drum group to our school but the dates didn't work out. We were able to schedule that performance this year and we used PTO funds to pay for it!

Did you know that we have an Advisory Council that works to provide feedback to Mrs. Allison? A special thanks to Jennifer Banks, Tiffany Franklin, Katie Rice and Dawn Chitwood-Rivers for their service on this team. These representatives shared feedback that we needed to share information about the Parent Portal and how to sign up for lunch prepay again and we did!

Click on this link to see the Facebook post regarding Parent Portal and also click HERE

Click on this link to see the Facebook post regarding prepaid Lunch Accounts

The Dancing Drum visited Weaverville Elementary on November 14th! The students LOVED the interactive performance that focused on music, building character and having fun!

Thank you to our awesome PTO for providing funds to pay for the Dancing Drum to visit our school! Thank you to Ms. Roop for organizing this event and preparing our students!

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Check out what's going on in our 'Special' classes - Art, Music, PE, Media and STEM Lab!

Art with Mr. Martin

There are great new things happening in our choice-based art classes this year! Students are now documenting their creations every 4 weeks using an app called “seesaw”. Students photograph their artworks, and then record their voices talking about their process, their inspiration, and things they are learning in art class. Their recordings are then uploaded to a blog on our school website. Feel free to check it out on the Mr. Martin page! https://wves.buncombeschools.org/staff/martin__clay_-_art

Art classes have finished units on drawing and dry media, and we’ve just opened the painting center. Students will be learning about various styles and methods of painting over the next few weeks. After the holidays, we will be opening even more centers, and learning about other media, techniques, art historical movements, and more. There is always something new in art class!

Click below to check out:
2nd grade blog: https://blog.seesaw.me/wves2ndgradeart
3rd grade blog: https://blog.seesaw.me/wves3rdgradeart
4th grade blog: https://blog.seesaw.me/wves4thgradeart
WVES Film and Drama club page: WVES Film and Drama Club
Green Screen Club blog: https://blog.seesaw.me/mrmartingreenscreen

-Clay Martin

Music with Ms. Roop

What an exciting first 9 weeks! The students at WvES have been working hard and playing hard in music!

This summer I attended a Music Literacy Workshop. I'm excited to be implementing our rhythm and notation reading (Literacy) system into our daily routine at WvES. All students focused on Audience behavior and how to critique a musical performance (Essential Standard MR 1: Understand the interacting elements to respond to music and music performance). 2nd grade focused on matching pitch (Sol, La, Mi), rhythm exercises/ostinato patterns, and dynamics and tempo in pieces of music. 3rd grade focused on staccato/legato notes, rhythm patterns, tempo, and how musical elements tell a musical story. 4th grade focused on rhythm/notation reading, Cherokee music and instruments, folk songs, and learning "My Home's Across the BlueRidge Mountain". All lessons and actives align with our NC Essential Music Standards and our National Music Standards. Soon, 3rd and 4th grade will begin using our Recorders as a musical tool to help us dive deeper into our standards and build skills to help us develop music literacy. Later in the year all grades will be using a combination of Ukuleles, Drums, Guitars, and Dulcimers.

This year all specialist were charged with giving assessments and grades based upon how many times we see the students and essential standards. Our music grades are based upon a weekly participation grade and assessments/check in's during the nine weeks. I have worked diligently to ensure that all children at WvES receives the highest quality of music instruction while experiencing music in a fun, creative way. I do NOT require our students to be the next Mozart; however, I do expect all children to participate and try their best. If students participate, try their best each week and synergize with classmates, students will gain a deeper understanding of our learning targets and essential standards. Making music is a communal activity where all members of each class is an important part of our musical experience. I look forward to many years of sharing the power of music and the creative learning that can take place in a music classroom.

I hope you and your family can find fun, creative musical experiences to share!

-Cindy Roop

PE with Mr. Buckley

The PE Playbook

Students have had a variety of learning opportunities during the first 9 weeks of school. Each Physical Education lesson is filled with health-related fitness exercises, assessments, skilled based activity and character traits. Students attend Physical Education class one time per week for forty-five minutes. My goal is to pack in as many activities as possible.

The class begins with each student receiving a pedometer that tracks how many steps they take in a class. We use the pedometer as a tool, to see who has the most steps in a PE class. The students enjoy the healthy competition and it is a great motivation tool that maximizes participation. Students immediately begin fitness exercise stations focusing on muscular strength, muscular endurance, agility and cardio vascular endurance. Students rotate through six different stations for 10 minutes, allowing students to improve on proper fitness techniques. The exercise stations allow students to get their heart rate up and steps counted.

The next part of the class, which is 35 minutes, is focused on skill-based activities. Students will learn how to preform proper skills and play lead up games which are designed to provide success for preforming the skill correctly. Students have learned in the first 9 weeks proper ways to: throw a football, run with a football, dribble a basketball, shoot a basketball, spatial awareness, chasing and fleeing activities, team work activities, moving in different pathways, agility skills, fitness assessments, safety precautions, problem solving skills, leader in me traits and many others.

At the end of each class, students will summarize what skills were taught and describe the proper way of preforming the skill being taught. Students will upload their pedometer data and I will announce the top three girl and boy winners in the class.

The students have a blast during Physical Education classes at Weaverville Elementary!

-Paul Buckley

Media with Mrs. Aubry

Media Center Moments

We are excited to have the media center helping students adapt to a digital world while creating an appreciation for technology and reading. Classes in the media center have worked on skills for locating information, using technology appropriately, and reinforcing skills taught in the classroom.

In second grade, the students have reviewed the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction books and learning the Dewey Decimal System. The students have learned their way around the media center that houses over 12, 000 books. Students worked together to locate the main idea in a story and reading nonfiction books about the phases of matter and making predictions when working on a science experiment.

In third and fourth grades, students have practiced using the online Card Catalog and understanding how important it is to use keywords when searching online. The students have also learned the importance of copyright, making inferences, reviewed stars and constellation and some of the myths about the solar system. The students have discussed using the BIG 6 research model and refining note taking skills.

Just a reminder, Book Fair is coming December 7 –12! More information will be coming home soon.

-Kay Aubry

STEM Lab with Mrs. Moran

The STEM lab is a creative space for students to work with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in activities that represent practical, real world problems. Years ago, Duke Energy funded the purchase of iPads and robotics equipment and the hands-on materials for our STEM Lab were funded by Buncombe County Schools. We use school funds and PTO funds to replenish materials in the STEM lab and donations of recyclable materials may be requested from parents as well.

The STEM Challenge curriculum is integrated with the science curriculum at each grade level. Students complete the STEM Challenges through the five step Engineering and Design Process. Students work collaboratively to Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve the designs that meet the challenge or problem they have been given. Collaboration is key, and working through the Engineering Design Process allows the students to have step-by-step plan to solve a problem. Both collaboration and problem solving are key skills students will need as they enter the workforce.

Second grade STEM has been designing homes to keep their families cool. They made the homes out of tissues boxes. They used other materials that had reflective properties and used their knowledge about insulation to create a "cool" home.

Third grade used the engineer design process to create a protective display for fancy chocolates. The criteria was to make a display that could show the chocolate, yet also protect it from melting under the hot display lights.

Fourth grade went back to simple times and rediscovered the Sundial. They had to create a design of an accurate timekeeper while using simple materials.

All classes work in small groups and each student has an assigned job in the group. They must plan, collaborate, create and present their projects together as a team. The level of student discourse and collaboration is impressive in our STEM lab! Students visit the lab once a week for 30 minutes in the morning with their classroom teacher and Mrs. Moran. Then students return once a week in the afternoon for 45 minutes.

The week of December 3 - 7 we will take a break from STEM challenges and participate in The Hour of Code by completing various activities during scheduled classes in the morning and afternoon. Learn more about The Hour of Code below!

-Maureen Moran

The Hour of Code is coming!

WvES participates in the Hour of Code the week of December 3 - 7!

For the past several years, students have participated in the Hour of Code the first week of December through activities in our Media Center and in our STEM lab. Students use code.org and tynker.com mostly during this week to explore coding. Here is a link to the activities on Code.org and games on Tynker.com if your child would like to try this out over the break: https://hourofcode.com/us/learn https://www.tynker.com/dashboard/student/#/dashboard

What is the Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code", to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. It has since become a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science, starting with 1-hour coding activities but expanding to all sorts of community efforts. Check out the tutorials and activities. This grassroots campaign is supported by over 400 partners and 200,000 educators worldwide.

When is the Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week. The 2018 Computer Science Education Week will be December 3-9.

Why computer science?

Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path.

Did you know?

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Our next PTO meeting will be held on Thursday, December 13th at 8:00 AM at Weaverville Primary School!

The Book Fair is coming to Weaverville Elementary!

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Book Fair - December 7th through 12th 7:45 to 2:30 & Family Night December 10th until 6 pm!

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Our Family Engagement Team is asking for each family to send in one family photo to be included on our school's 'Family Tree' display they are working on. If you can send this in after break, that would be wonderful! If you need help with the cost of printing a photo, we are working on a plan to help. Thanks!

Reminders from last December's Hawks Happenings Newsletter

Reminders about important links and information

Check out the links below to learn more about how to stay engaged and involved in our school!

Volunteer Link - Click here to complete the required procedures to volunteer in our school on a consistent basis. We LOVE volunteers!

Parent Portal Link - Parents are encouraged to sign up for an account! Remember that in 2nd grade we only use this system for report card grades but starting in 3rd grade, teachers enter grades either weekly or bi-weekly. In order to create an account you need an information sheet from Mrs. English in the main office. She cannot fax it, email it or mail it.

Contact Manager Link - This link will allow you to choose how you want to be contacted through our SchoolMessenger phone and email system. Please make sure your phone numbers are updated in this system. We also ask that you provide an email address if you have one. The information that you record here is how you will be contacted if we have a change in the school schedule due to weather and/or how you will be contacted if we have an emergency. Please keep this information current!

School Nutrition Link - Click here to read about the School Nutrition program and how to set up an online lunch payment. Remember that we provide breakfast free of charge for all students. If your family needs some support, you are HIGHLY encouraged to click this link to fill our our Free/Reduced Lunch Form - FRL Form. Our Title 1 funding is based on our percentage of students on Free or Reduced Lunch so we WANT families to complete an application. The process is completely confidential. We will also send home hard copies of the application form at the beginning of school. FAMILIES WHO QUALIFY MUST FILL OUT THE FORM EVERY YEAR IN ORDER TO CONTINUE TO RECEIVE FREE OR REDUCED LUNCH.

Upcoming Events

November 28 - WIG Out Wednesday - ask your child about his/her goals!

November 28 - Student Lighthouse Team Meeting 8:20 - 8:50 in Media Center

November 28 - NC Check Ins for 3rd and 4th grade students who were absent

November 29 - School Improvement Team Meeting @ 2:45

November 30 - Birthday Books

November 30 - School-wide Monthly PBIS Assembly - 1:00 - 1:30

December 7 - 12 Book Fair 7:45 - 2:30 daily

December 6 or 7 - Midterms will Go Home

December 7 - Gift us with Box Tops - Pajama Day - Bring in 5 Box Tops & wear pajamas!

December 10 - Book Fair Family Night! The book fair will be open until 6:00 PM!

December 13 - PTO Meeting at 8:00 AM at Weaverville Primary School

December 13 - Holiday Meal - 2nd grade parents are invited

December 13 - 2nd grade students will visit NBES to watch the Nutcracker

December 14 - Staff Holiday Breakfast provided by PTO Hospitality Committee

December 14 - Gift us with Box Tops - Crazy Hair Day - Bring in 5 Box Tops & wear your craziest hair style!

December 18 - Gift us with Box Tops - Hat Day - Bring in 5 Box Tops & wear a hat to school!

December 18 - January 1 - Winter Break

January 2 - 1st day back to school in 2019! Happy New Year!

March 1 - Favorite Book Character Dress Up Day and Parade

March 8 - Weaverville Elementary Leadership Day

April 15 - 19 - Spring Break

May 4 - BCS Celebrate STEM Day

May 17 - Weaverville Schools PTO Spring Fling!

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