Hosp Staff Headlines

Every Student, Every Day

Welcome to Brooke Dowtin

We are thrilled to announce that we will be adding another Hosp faculty member on Monday morning! Brooke Dowtin will be leaving Allen Elementary School and joining our wonderful Special Education Department as a Resource Paraprofessional. Please stop by to introduce yourself!

Lunch with Gradparents Day on Monday

In honor of national Grandparent's Day this Sunday, we have invited our students' grandparents to lunch on Monday just in time to enjoy the bookfair! Please remind our Hosp parents that grandparents must present a photo ID on Monday if they are visiting. We would hate to turn away grandparents that didn’t know. Thank you for helping spread the word!

Access Badges & Clips

Updated faceplates are coming soon! The faceplates will be sent to campus as soon as they are ready and possibly as late as mid to end of September. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, please let Jennifer know if you would like a new access badge clip. We received a dozen this week!

Dismissal Reminders

Help us train our parents to send ALL dismissal changes to hosp@friscoisd.org by noon any time there is a change in how their student is going home. If you honor last minute changes without them going thru the front office, parents will keep doing it the same way going forward, which creates chaos at dismissal because monitors and the front office are unaware when inevitable questions and confusion arise. If we get parents on the right track sooner rather than later, it will make for a much smoother school year for all!

This notification policy was the exact same process communicated last school year and this year was communicated to each family via Page 1 of the Parent Handout you provided at Meet the Teacher or sent home by Kinder the 1st week of school.

If you do not recognize the person picking up, or if you recognize the person, but they’re picking up kids other than their own and you don’t have knowledge of it, you must check ID and radio the front office. We will confirm whether or not that person is allowed to take that child. This is extremely important!

Finally, we DO NOT take the student’s word for it that their dismissal procedures have changed. Our policy is the student is to go home their normal way unless parent has informed us. If you are concerned, call the parent and if they confirm there is a change, remind them of the proper procedure and inform the office of the change. Thank you for your help in this regard. If you have any additional questions, just ask Lisa or Tim!

What's ahead?

September 13th - Tim Peternana's Birthday

September 14th-18th - PTA Fall Book Fair

Monday, September 14th - Lunch with Grandparent's

Monday, September 14th - Instructional Team Leader Meeting (3:10 pm)

Tuesday, September 15th - Bricks for Kids After School Enrichment Program Begins (Room 123)

September 21st-25th - College Week

Monday, September 21st - Drama Kids After School Enrichment Program Begins (Room 122)

Monday, September 21st - PTA Meeting & Watch Dogs Kickoff (6:30 pm)

Thursday, September 24th - TGA Golf After School Enrichment Program Begins (Field)

Friday, September 25th - Chess After School Enrichment Program Begins (Room 123)