Jacobs Rescue



A man who stands up for what he believes in and he will do what ever it takes to help jacob to survive through the story and the holocaust.

Jacob and david

They are the two boys that the roslans help hide from the gestapo and help escape to the warsaw and help them find their father

Jacob) A 8-13 years old, tall bulk and smart

David) A 5-8 years old, Small weak and pretty stupid


Warsaw is were it all took place in a not so friendly place of destruction and chaos and that is were jacob and david were born in warsaw they were mid wealth and had a nice home and then the war began and the jews were sent to warsaw and were exterminated.

The Conflict

The conflict is both internal and external the Nazis are killing thousands and millions of Jews in a weeks days and they don't even care that they are almost Jewish themselves

Jacob is sick with voilers fever

Luftwaffe bombing Warsaw - September 1939 | Authentic video
Bomb Run EXPLOSIONS Sound Effect