Rock n' Roll

Kristyl baehr

The first Rock n' Roll album was founded in 1947 , but spread very wide through out the 1950's.

(founded by Ahmet Ertegun)

American Society

After WW2 social & economic changes helped with the uprise of Rock n' Roll. Also new inventions like electric instruments were invented. Rytham and blues eventually came together creating the rock sound. Beats from white and blacks music went together , slowly bring whites and blacks closer. Musicans like Elvis Presley , Chuck Berry and Little Riche had impact on bring rock to popularity .

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Alan Freed started the first Rock n' Roll radio show in 1951 called "Moondog Rock n' Roll Party"

Changes In American Society

Rock n' Roll had a huge impact on American society . It put a new insight on ways of life , hair styles , clothing , also peoples attitudes. Like the "teenage rebels" which was what some of the youth in the 1950s were called , because Rock brought a new way kids could express themselves and with the economy booming they gained more freedom so they begun to rebel. Rock also interduced new inventions like electric instruments , unlike before when simple ones were used.

Turning Point

I think Rock n' Roll was a turning point in American life because after World War 2 it was a good way to bring different people together and helped people express themselves in new and unique ways also they could express their feelings about what was going on politicly or anything else through song. It changed music forever and made people think in much different ways . Some people still have a negative out look forward rock music but I think if it wasn't started rock and maybe even other things wouldn't be the same today.

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"Let me go lover" was a one hit wonder by Joan Weber-hardly & was saiid to be first rock song to hit billbored charts in 1955.