The Weekly Roar

Notes from Nick Novak: Friday October 9, 2015


To Gina Palermo for making the October HSA administration a success. Nice warm up for PSAT Day, huh? Thanks to everyone who proctored too!

To Student Services for a successful Financial Aid Night. Thanks for your continued efforts to help students and their parents prepare for college!

To Shannon Grieve for the outstanding work she did working with a student in crisis this week. The collaboration with administration, the student, and the parent really prevented the situation from deteriorating.

To our alternative education team of Jean Audain, Phil Speake, and Tyler Wade. The trust and communication they have created with students allowed two recent situations that could have potentially led to suspensions to be addressed proactively.

To the entire staff for rocking that Gallup Poll. Was it Brian's emails that motivated you? The competitive spirit with other high schools? Or are you an actively engaged employee? Hopefully it's the latter (but all three are good reasons). Thanks for participating!


Here are some helpful reminders for the upcoming week:

1) As we saw from today, you never know when we might have to evacuate the building. Be sure you include your emergency folder/plans in your sub plans when you are absent. Substitutes need to have access to this info/materials.

2) Lisa Veslany is going to be out a couple of months recuperating from surgery. In her absence, her disciplinary referrals will be handled by the following administrators: 10th grade- Gilbert Bannister, 11th grade- Lynnette Moore, and 12th grade- Dale Castro. If you have any general questions or concerns about issues Lisa normally handles, please see me. And, of course, be sure to wish Lisa a speedy recovery!

3) PSAT Day is Wednesday 10/16. You should know by now if you're proctoring, helping out with 9th grade activities, or assisting with the senior college essay workshop. If you're not sure what your assignment is, let us know.

4) I don't think I have to tell you this, but October 16th is one of the paid non-duty days in the HCEA and negotiated agreements. Enjoy your day off!

Staff Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following staff members celebrating this week:

10/10 Hannah Fromm & Will Zuccarini

10/12 Matt Stump

10/14 Rita Allan

10/15 Paula Roberts

10/16 Jenn O'Neill & Elise Sookram

Instructional Tidbit

Bloomin' Apps

This week, we dig a little deeper into the higher-level tasks mentioned in last week's instructional tidbit. When I referenced Bloom's Taxonomy in discussing instructional materials and resources, I couldn't help sharing 1) this great resource from Kathy Schrock that details the tech tools you and your students can use to engage in each level of Bloom's Taxonomy and 2) this entertaining mash-up of Seinfeld clips that loosely "demonstrates" each level of Bloom's Taxonomy. Enjoy!

Remembering- Try "Flashcards Deluxe," "Diigo," or "Google Search"

Understanding- Check out "Skitch," "Twitter," or "Tumblr"

Applying- Try "Voice Recorder," "Educreations," or "Drawing Box"

Analyzing- Maybe you'll like "Inspiration Maps," "Popplet," or "Mindmash"

Evaluating- Have you explored "Skype," "edmodo," or "Whiteboard"

Creating- Make something with "Animoto," "Fotobabble," or "Audioboo"

Bloom's Taxonomy According to Seinfeld

Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld


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