Alexander Hamilton

A Founding Father and a Hero

The Life

The Background

Alexander Hamilton was known as the youngest Founding Father. He helped set up, fight and win the Revolution and set up the government afterward. He felt like he had a purpose in life and had to live it to the second, some say he's never Satisfied. He was one of the greatest founding fathers and without him we'd be dead or still serving the King.

The Family

- Mother: Died by sickness when Hamilton was 12

- Father: Left his family when Hamilton was 10

- Wife: Her name was Elizabeth Schuyler and made a lot of accomplishments when Hamilton Died

- Son: Died in a duel trying to protect Hamilton's Legacy

- Sister-in-law: Wanted to abolish slavery and gender discrimination (Said when she meets Thomas Jefferson [Who wrote Declaration of Independence] to add women to "We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men{and women} created equal")

The Home

- Born in the Caribbean praying for something to happen in his life

- When he was 17 his town, Charlestown, was destroyed by a hurricane (Which made him start reading and writing about the events in his life which lead him to a boat to New York to his past but not future Idol, Aaron Burr.

The Job

Without his parents he had to get money. His only job was working for his mother's landlord. He started making deals he couldn't pay off and even had to steal to Stay Alive.

The Death

His Idol Aaron Burr actually Killed Hamilton in a duel for different reasons

- His Life

- His Reputation

- His Family

The Revolution

The People

Worked with;

- George Washington

- Marquis de Lafayette

- Hercules Mulligan

- John Laurens

Fought Against;

- King George III

- Loyalists

- Charles Lee

The War

[} George was the general of the revolution with soldiers fighting by his side and for freedom

[} Lafayette was the Back-up Mini-General and the supplier

[} John and Hamilton were sending letters to other colonists, loyalists, and to congress for more troops and supplies

[} Charles Lee was the Mini-General controlling the troops but all he wanted to do was retreat and spoke wrong of George

[} Hamilton wanted to replace Charles' spot as Mini-General but George thought his writing skills were too great and he needed to be preserved

The French

France would help America in this war but not for land but for help in their revolution. Without France we wouldn't of existed

The Accomplishments

- During the war Eliza Schuyler Hamilton had her first baby Philip Hamilton

- France sent "guns and ships" to help win in the revolution

- They actually won the war and brought hope and liberty to the colonists

- The King is low in money from the war and has to tax the British not the colonists

The Government

The People (Reprise)

Worked with;

- George Washington

- Aaron Burr

- Federalists

- The People

- The Constitution

Fought Against;

- Thomas Jefferson

- James Madison

- Aaron Burr

- John Adams

- Anti-Federalists

The Rival

Alexander opposed Jefferson but actually endorsed him in a presidential election. Thomas and Alexander had different ideas about:

- Treaties

- The U.S. Constitution

- Governmental Ideas

- Other

The Work

[Time to Stay] -

[} Philip, Angelica and Eliza are going to higher New York to visit their father Philip Schuyler, the New York Senate, up in upper New York (They are closer to the South).

[} Philip started to write poems and wanted to be a writer like Alex.

[} Angelica visited their house from London (With her boring Husband) Just to be with her family

[} The two Schuyler Sisters tried to encourage Alex to join them with their father but he refused

[Time to Work] -

[} Philip, Angelica, and Eliza agreed with Alex's decision and left without him

[} Alexander felt sick without his family there and started to become like a homeless guy like he used to be

[} The reason Hamilton didn't join his family on the trip because he needed to make a compromise between him and Jefferson

[} Since Alexander felt sick and alone he did something very wrong that limited his chance to become president

The Compromise

Hamilton, Jefferson, and Madison wanted different things and had to find a way to find a compromise

-) Hamilton wanted a national bank and to keep the Capital in Pennsylvania

-) Jefferson didn't want a national bank and wanted to Capital closer to Virginia

The citizens voted for no bank and were still deciding on where to put the capital

In the end they made a compromise for the bank to be established but the capital in Washington D.C.

The Election

The Election of 1800 was a main cause of Burr Killing Hamilton.

It was between:

John Adams: The last President

Thomas Jefferson: The last Vice-President

Aaron Burr: Part of the Senate

John Adams got out quick but Burr and Jefferson had a tie

Everyone asked Hamilton who he thought would be fit to be president

Hamilton thought:

Thomas Jefferson: They fought about everything from laws to elections but that would be biased Hamilton had to think for the right of the Country and its loyal citizens

Aaron Burr: Didn't actually care what happens a lot just cared about bigger things in his life but was still Hamilton's first friend

In the end Hamilton chose Jefferson for the right of the country which made Burr furious and full of hatred and revenge

The Future

The Wife

- Eliza Hamilton Schuyler is the only reason so little of us know about Alexander's Story

- She used the rest of her money to build the Washington Memorial

- She established the first private orphanage in New York City

The Facts

[1}- Orphaned in 1768

[2}- Member of the Continental Congress

[1}- Assisted in founding the Bank of New York

The Hero

As said in "The Background," Alexander is a real Hero to our country and our expectations. America always forgets his reputation and legacy even when they see his face almost everyday (On Money). He might not be a special as George Washington or Thomas Jefferson but he still did some of the amazing things they did. He is known as the youngest Founding Father, Federalist and Hero.