Axum was a city state in Ethiopia and bordered the Red Sea. Goods flowed into Axum, which served as a trading center. The northern Ethiopian and Eritrea empire at it's height extended across present day Eritrea, Northern Ethiopia, Western Yemen, Southern Saudi Arabia, and Sudan for a total of 1.25 million square kilometers (482,628 sq mi)

Government and Military

Axum's government was a monarchy. A major leader was Ezana who embraced Christianity in 327 AD. They weapons they used included spears and iron knifes.


The currency of Axum was made of gold, silver, and bronze coins called AU(AR, AE) units. The social class was divided into 3 stages 1. King and nobles, 2. Citizens and 3. slaves.


The people of Axum were polytheistic because they believed in many gods and forces. They adopted the religion of Islam but never completely left Christianity. They people were dependent from Jewish people

Cultural customs

The language of Axum was Ge'ez. They ate foods like spicy stew w/ chicken, beef, lamb, vegetables, vegetables, lentils, and ground split peas and Drank things like bunna (coffee), tella, and tej (both are like alcohol). They had obelisks built to celebrate achievements. They wore cloth called shemma and wore bracelets and necklaces of gold and silver. They sang folk songs and had music like the masenqo a one string bowed lute and Krar mi a six sting lyre.