cosmetic dermatology

Acne medications are some of the more commonly

Dermatologists Treat Certain Skin Problems With Medication to Be Used at Home

A practitioner of cosmetic and general dermatology is a medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems. Those problems may be diseases or disorders that commonly develop because of years of exposure to ultraviolet light. Acne, psoriasis, eczema, melasma and fine lines and wrinkles all can be treated by a dermatologist.

In many cases, the practitioner of general dermatology prescribes medications for the patient to use at home. These may be topical or oral medicines.

Acne Medicine

Acne medications are some of the more commonly prescribed substances because this skin disease is so prevalent. A large percentage of people under age 20 must deal with this problem, and many adults are afflicted with it too. Sometimes pimples are simply an annoyance while other times the bumps are so noticeable that they diminish self-confidence.

Severe cases of acne cause painful, large bumps and nodules that can result in permanent scars. A practitioner of cosmetic dermatology can help patients with treatments that dramatically reduce the appearance of those skin flaws.

A dermatologist might prescribe or recommend over-the-counter topical medicines to kill bacteria in the pores that cause inflammation. Some topical medications reduce oiliness and encourage peeling of the upper layer of skin. People with more severe cases of acne may benefit from taking oral antibiotics.

Hair Issues

The closest dermatologist to one's home can prescribe topical and oral medication that is intended to either promote hair growth on top of the head or prevent it from growing in unwanted places.

Some men with male pattern baldness have good results with finasteride, an oral medicine that can reduce hair loss and increase hair growth on top of the head. Interestingly, the drug does not affect hair on other parts of the body. It works by its effects on one of the male hormones.

In contrast, women who are troubled by excess facial hair may acquire a prescription for eflornithine cream that reduces the growth of this hair when applied to the skin twice daily. This is not a hair removal product like those that can be purchased over the counter.

Concluding Thoughts

Those are just two of the many examples of skin problems that a dermatologist at a clinic such as Soine Dermatology treats with medication to be used at home. Anyone who is troubled about their appearance due to pimples, dry scaly skin or cosmetic problems caused by ultraviolet light may seek assistance there.